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  1. Attention Bstash users If you guys want to see Bitcoin Stash on topbtc.com exchange, please vote for us! http://www.topbtc.one/index/vote/index.html We're currently ranked 20th. We'll appreciate your vote. Learn more about TopBTC.com on CoinGecko https://www.coingecko.com/en/exchanges/topbtc
  2. Bitcoin Stash is now listed on CoinGecko! https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/bitcoin-stash
  3. We'll try to make this happen during this year. Who knows? 😉 Craig Wright's BCH chain will eventually die out. And more BCH users will demand Bitcoin Stash.
  4. We're still at a very initial stage. We need more traders to join in. If you'd like, please claim Bitcoin Stash and start trading on FinexBox. We'll list Stash on more exchanges throughout this year.
  5. Check out Bitcoin Stash price and charts on Coinpaprika! 😎 https://coinpaprika.com/coin/bsh-bitcoin-stash/
  6. Bitcoin Stash is listed on FinexBox! https://www.finexbox.com/market/pair/BSH-BTC.html If you haven't done so, please download our Stash wallet from a link below, import your old BCH private key to claim your Bitcoin Stash coins! https://github.com/bstash/BitcoinStash/releases All BCH users who had BCH on or before November 15th, 2018 are eligible to receive equal amount of Bitcoin Stash coins for their BCH holdings.
  7. Announcing SimplyPool (simplypool.net) public mining pool for merge mining Bitcoin Stash with BTC. Registration at simplypool.net is optional, registiration gives you access to the dashboard which contains mining information. Stratum server: simplypool.net:2222 User: btc=<btc_wallet>,bsh=<bsh_wallet>/<email> Password: <worker_name> *email is optional, use it if you registered at simplypool.net SimplyPool is currently offering the service with 0% fee!
  8. Bitcoin Stash articles https://insidebitcoins.com/news/bitcoin-stash-planning-hard-fork-from-bitcoin-cash/179276 https://www.coincurrencynews.com/2018/11/17/bitcoincash-abc-vs-sv-vs-bitcoin-stash/ https://blockonomi.com/bitcoin-stash/ https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/bitcoin-stash/ https://coinspectator.com/news/907724/bitcoin-stash-planning-hard-fork-from-bitcoin-cash https://fin-alt.com/2018/10/04/update-2-bitcoin-cash-hard-fork-what-is-bitcoinstash/ https://cc.minkabu.jp/column/748
  9. Over the last few days BStash Hash has seemed to settle around 5.3 Eh/s! Please check our explorer.http://explorer.bstash.org
  10. UPDATE: v0.0rc3https://github.com/bstash/BitcoinStash/releasesThis release fixes a major bug where nodes would fail the initial block download. Update is required for your node to stay in sync when offline for a long length of time or when downloading the blockchain for the first time.
  11. LAUNCHED! Download Bitcoin Stash wallet binary files from our GitHub page (Windows & Linux):https://github.com/bstash/BitcoinStash/releasesInstruction:Uncompress the downloaded zip file (.tar.gz file for Linux) and double-click on bitcoin-qt file under the bin folder to run the Bitcoin Stash GUI Wallet.Bitcoin Stash Explorer 🚀http://explorer.bstash.org/Bitcoin Stash Merged Mining Guide:https://github.com/bstash/BitcoinStash-MergeMining-GuideOfficial Website: https://bstash.orgForum: https://forum.bstash.orgTwitter: https://twitter.com/bitcoinstashMedium: https://medium.com/@bitcoinstash-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Merged MiningBitcoin Stash is a merge mineable cryptocurrency that utilizes SHA256 for its mining algorithm. This means that it can be merge mined with other SHA256 coins like Bitcoin an Bitcoin Cash. Merge mining is a process where a miner is able to mine multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time. All that is required for a miner is to add 48 bytes of data to the coinbase of the parent block.https://github.com/bstash/BitcoinStash-MergeMining-GuideReplay ProtectionBitcoin Stash will be implementing replay protection to keep our transactions safe post-fork.Source Codehttps://github.com/bstash/bitcoinstash
  12. ⚡⚡ ATTENTION MINERS! ⚡⚡This is the right time for you to start mining Stash coins. Please join us!You can follow our merged mining instruction on our GitHub page:https://github.com/bstash/BitcoinStash-MergeMining-GuideFeel free to mine as many Stash coins as you want! We will try to list Stash on many exchanges soon.
  13. Don't count BStash out in the hashwar, we are at half of Bitcoin Cash ABC hash rate and growing. Stay tuned for exchange support and more important development announcements!
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