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  1. Inven Global recently posted an article about how Socios.com, a platform launched in June 2018, aims to reinvent and pair esports and cryptocurrencies. It’s a common knowledge that when people enjoy a certain product, its fanbase becomes more solid and increasing. And a growing fanbase can be a great sign of product growth and success. This is why Socios.com, powered by Chiliz, plans to give fans methods to support financially. To make this happen, Socios.com have partnered with high-profile football clubs like Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain. Founder and CEO of Socios.com, Alex Dreyfus stated that the project’s potential is huge. He also said, "Our long-term aim is to onboard more than 50 football clubs and we hope to inject an additional $300 million into the sports economy over the next few years. We have started at the very top, with some of the biggest names in football, and our ambition is to build the world's biggest global football community and marketplace for football fans alongside demonstrating that blockchain and cryptocurrency is the trusted technology of the mainstream." Through their platform, Socios.com aims for fans to grow together by purchasing “Fan Tokens”. Dreyfus explained that Fan Tokens are “specific to a team or a club, and are a finite, digital asset that provides access to an encrypted, immutable ledger of voting and membership rights ownership. The tokenized fan-voting platform uses Fan Tokens, which operate on a separate permissioned side chain.” But Fan Tokens are limited in number. They are fungible, which means that the token’s ownership could be traded and the price is market-driven. The platform is under development to achieve investment from fan monetization and to ultimately help sports teams to increase engagement of their fans.
  2. Yesterday, there has been a smear campaign on Twitter against our game, CryptoDice. We would like to provide content and insight to lighten and clear things up on our end. On March 14, 2019, there was a player named Holv3k who reported a bug in CryptoDice through our community in Telegram. In his message, he stated, “I have a serious issue I just played CryptoDice for the first time in a long time. I bet on single dice 2, and a combination of two other bets. Two was rolled and my spot I had a bet on the bottom row of 2 was flashing as a win. But it said I lost. When I went to the record it says I bet on 4, I absolutely did not bet on 4. This is fraud” We have quickly responded by contacting him through a direct message to be able to communicate with him properly and as respect to other people in the community who are currently engaged in our mini-game Best Dot Hopper. We have asked for the screenshot of his game records so we could counter check with the Etherscan transactions. Upon investigation, we have detected that the game results were right as it was and his bets were a loss. He placed bets on Total __12, Two Dice Combinations 1&4 and Single Dice Bet __2 and the dice results were 5, 6, and 3. This means that his bets were far from a win. It also did not state in the record that he placed bets on number 4, which he previously claimed CryptoDice is powered by Ethereum smart contract where transactions are transparent and easily trackable. Blockchain as its underlying technology also ensures that results can never be tampered with or manipulated even by developers. We, on the other hand, apologized for the inconvenience of the apparent glitch in the game where he claimed (but without a screenshot or any form of proof) that the number 2 dice flashed as a win when it was not supposed to. This may be traced from the system updates that we have launched in our site, but this is an isolated case and we have already fixed the issue at this point. Bugs like these happen in games, which is why all games have technical support groups where people can raise their concerns and we are thankful because these feedbacks help us improve and make our game better. When we brought this finding up to Holv3k, he was not happy about it and without further explanation, he shut us off and accused us of being fraudulent. He even went on to Twitter and using his account Henk Holveck, he released some libelous statements against us by calling us “fraud” and encouraged his followers to report us. He posted several comments about us, some of which have now been deleted: CryptoDice always ensures the integrity of our game. Results are always honest and all transactions are verifiable through Etherscan. We do not tolerate libelous acts and smear campaigns that would not do anything but put our brand, business, and integrity in jeopardy. We thank everyone who supported our game from the beginning up to now. We would always do our best to keep improving and to bring you the best that we can offer.
  3. We are looking for the Best Dot Hopper! Do you think you can be the one? Dot Hop, a game via GAMEE allows you to play using Telegram so you could share it with your friends, record your scores on a leaderboard and be competitive in a friendly way! But we got a friendly competition for you that could earn you real rewards! For 12 days starting tomorrow, CryptoDice will give away 0.05 ETH to the Best Dot Hopper of each day! These are what you need to do: Join CryptoDice Community on Telegram On the group, type @gamee<space>dot<space>hop (do not click send) wait for the game to pop and click on Dot Hop Play Dot Hop Comment your wallet address on CryptoDice Community on Telegram If you become the number one player of the day, 0.05 ETH will go straight to your wallet at 8 pm PST! So what are you waiting for? Join the telegram group, play Dot Hop and secure your place on the number one spot!
  4. According to a headline in Coindesk yesterday, UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in association with Kantar TNS recently conducted a survey and found out that seventy-three percent of UK consumers have no idea what a cryptocurrency is or are not able to give it definition. The survey also showed that out of 2,132 British consumers who were polled, the people who are most aware of cryptocurrencies are men aged 20-44. Further results showed that only three percent of the total participants in the survey have bought cryptocurrencies and of those, half spent under $263 from their “disposable income.” Of the coins that the three percent of people bought, Bitcoin was the most popular, bought by fifty percent of them and thirty-four percent of them bought ETH. Through qualitative research and interviews of UK consumers in association with London-based research agency Revealing Reality, FCA also found out that a lot of consumers may not have a full understanding of what they are buying, due to some results showing that several wanted to buy a “whole” coin, with no knowledge of cryptocurrencies’ capability to be bought and sold in fractions. FCA said, “Despite this lack of understanding, the cryptoasset owners interviewed were often looking for ways to ‘get rich quick’, citing friends, acquaintances and social media influencers as key motivations for buying cryptoassets.” With regards to risk to investors, FCA concluded that the results suggest that “currently the overall scale of harm may not be as high as previously thought.”
  5. Blockfi Interest Account (BIA), launched on March 4 by cryptocurrency-backed USD lending platform Blockfi, is now available to the public from being a private beta service. It allows account holders to save bitcoin core (BTC) and ether (ETH) for 6% annual interest that pays out in cryptocurrency monthly. According to Bitcoin.com, Blockfi raised $52.5 million last July to get the company going, where Michael Novogratz’ company Galaxy Digital led the funding round. In August, the service was approved to operate in California. During its private beta days, the BIA program managed to attract $10 million worth of BTC and ETH. These were from retail, corporate and institutional investors. Zac Prince, Blockfi CEO said on March 4th, “The launch of BIA is another significant step in Blockfi’s goal of becoming the go-to provider of financial services for crypto investors. Lending and borrowing are readily available at the institutional level, and we’re excited to leverage our relationships and capital markets expertise to provide utility and yield on digital assets for all crypto investors.” The company happily announced that the service is available to customers worldwide. Blockfi also mentioned that digital assets are held by the Gemini Trust Company in New York. Apart from being a big break for cryptocurrencies, this service opens more potential possibilities for blockchain and crypto enthusiasts to dive into and eventually enjoy.
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