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  1. SpinFest is live! We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new weekly tournament, Spin Fest! You can win one of 20 prizes on a weekly basis. BetChain is giving away a total of 10,000 EUR and 1,000 Free Spins each week, and all you have to do to play is wager on your favorite game! So, just go ahead, spin on your favorite game, go for the jackpots and you will be automatically competing for your share of that amazing prize pool. JOIN THE TOURNAMENT NOW >>>
  2. Bend It Like A Football Superstar! Russia 2018 is full of Football Superstars, but there might only be one who lifts the cup at the end of it all. How does it feel to be this Football Superstar that lifts the most coveted cup in the sport? How does it feel to get all that glory and all the glamour that comes with it? You are about to experience it by yourself once you bend it like a Football Superstar with a huge win on this amazing Endorphina slot. PLAY NOW>>>
  3. Football Craze Is Here! Once every 4 years, the world seems to stop spinning for a month. The World Cup has a way of getting all the people in the world together for a festival like no other on earth, and Endorphina’s Football brings a piece of that action right to your screen. Football is an incredible slot that will take you through every aspect of the most popular game in the world. You will be able to spin those Football icons around and score huge wins just as your favorite striker would score a game winning goal. PLAY NOW >>>
  4. Magical Persian Nights With Eye Popping Jackpots! Go deep into Middle Eastern culture and imagery with one of the most magical games out there, Belatra’s Persian Nights. Take ride through a world full of riches and jackpots, with one of the most unique games out there. There are plenty of amazing symbols to align and multiple ways to spin and win on this game. We have everything you need to know in order to crush it with this game and become a Persian legend in your own might! PLAY NOW >>>
  5. Slotomoji Hitting Jackpots One Laughing Face At A Time! You can type them on your phone, you can use them when you talk with your friends on Facebook, and now you can align them on your reels to hit huge jackpots! Slotomoji by Endorphina has all the emotion of the emojis and the big bucks for you to entertain yourself and line your pockets in the process. The game also has a few nice twists that will allow you to strategize and maximize your win. PLAY NOW >>>
  6. The Next Level With Double Exposure Blackjack is one of the most exciting casino games out there, and somehow BGaming managed to make it more exciting with its own version, Double Exposure. Take a ride through all the excitement this classic game has to offer and then some when you place your bet on that table. Double Exposure boasts squeaky clean graphics and an exceptional gaming experience, with provable fairness and more features that make it one of the most sought-after Blackjack games out there. PLAY NOW >>>
  7. Domnitors Takes You To Medieval Battle Fields In Search For Riches! Medieval times were full of battles, conquest and glory. After the battles died down, conquerors went looking for the riches of the feudal lord they had just defeated. Domnitors allows you to turn back the clock to a time in which you, as the conqueror, are entitled to the treasure hidden within the lands you have just annexed to your fiefdom! This amazing BGaming slot game will let you get up close and personal with all the raw graphics and huge jackpots that this game brings. But before you go on a quest for hidden riches, it is crucial you understand what you are looking PLAY NOW >>>
  8. Greek Mythology On Another Level One of the most iconic BGaming games of all time, Platinum Lightning, just got revamped. The Greek-themed slot that became an instant success, has now evolved to include more fun, improved graphics and better chances to win big! Platinum Lightning Deluxe has all the features of its elder sibling and then some! It is a quick game in which Greek mythology intertwines with the adrenaline of aligning special symbols, giving players everything they were asking for. PLAY NOW >>>
  9. Have A Pleasant Evening And Win Big On Hi-Lo Switch Playing an elegant, entertaining game that can make you some money is always fantastic. With BGaming’s Hi-Lo Switch, players will be able to enjoy themselves with a game that offers plenty of opportunities to win, while they relax in the comfort of their favorite spot. This game is a well-balanced master piece that allows all kinds of players to entertain themselves and get their minds off their worries as they start piling up wins, taking advantage of every game feature. PLAY NOW >>>
  10. High Stakes And Tons Of Action On Let It Ride Card games are well-known all around. Players have been betting on blackjack and several poker variants for decades now, so every now and then it is refreshing to see new games come along especially if they keep players at the edge of their seats on every hand. That is exactly what BGAMING did on Let It Ride. This game is a high stakes, all or nothing game based on poker hands. PLAY NOW >>>
  11. Unbelievable Wins On Trey Poker! How would a game of poker look like without a royal flush, a straight flush, four of a kind, a full house, a flush and a straight? The answer is: absolutely savage! BGAMING decided to do away with 2 cards and deal hands of 3 only in its Trey Poker game, making the game as fast as any poker game can ever be, while taking the excitement of each hand to a whole new level. Just think about it, your best hand is a 3 of a kind combination, that is absolutely brutal, and it makes each win all that more exciting! PLAY NOW >>>
  12. Flip The Proverbial Bitcoin For Heads And Tails! Here is a mind twister: if we flip a Bitcoin, what would you choose, heads or tails? Which has the biggest chance of giving you the win you were expecting? Bitcoin enthusiasts know the answer very well. You can’t really flip a Bitcoin because it is a unit of accounting on a distributed ledger. Nevertheless, Bgaming decided to defy this notion and give you a chance to choose. It seems there are ways to fit the classic game of chance into the blockchain, so you can win by flipping the unflappable. Here is how. PLAY NOW >>>
  13. The Game With Character And Huge Wins! Scratch cards are some of the most exciting games you can play. The excitement of pulling a key or a coin out and figuring out what is behind that glittery coat that covers the scratch-off ticket is unparalleled. Combine that with the classic game of dice and enable cryptocurrency payments and you have a winner! Bgaming ceased the opportunity, creating Scratch Dice, one of the first scratch card games for the crypto crowd. PLAY NOW >>>
  14. More Bonuses Mean More Fun And More Jackpots At BetChain BetChain, one of the first Bitcoin casinos out there, has expanded the currencies it works with and the bonuses it offers to its players. This is the result of player suggestions, who started asking for more currencies and more bonuses. BetChain listened, and launched this expansion knowing that it will help it engage a wider player base, giving it more advantages than other brands and increasing the fun factor that players look for in their favorite brands. More Bonuses The first change BetChain implemented, has to do with its bonus structure. The brand has expanded some of its bonuses and it has also added more bonuses to the mix. BetChain expanded the following bonuses: · Welcome bonus – offering 200 Free Spins this time, which will be credited at a rate of 10 Free Spins per day for 20 days. · Second deposit bonus – making it a 75% bonus. · Weekly reload Wednesdays – offering a 50% reload. BetChain also introduced new bonuses, such as: · A third and fourth deposit bonus, both giving players 50% up to a whopping 0.5 BTC or 500 EUR. · Cash back Tuesday’s, with a 15% cash back of up to 0.1 BTC or 50 EUR.
  15. Time To Go All In With Kobushi Anytime is sushi time, especially if you get one of those specially crafted rolls with all the best ingredients inside. That is exactly what iSoftbet had in mind when it designed Kobushi. This carefully crafted game with the most playful graphics out there and a twist on every single component of your favorite sushi roll, is about to give you a mouthful of flavor with its insane progressive jackpot opportunities.
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