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  1. ​ Dear friends! Let us introduce ourselves. Bitport.net provides you with the most powerful tools for both trading crypto and accepting payments in crypto. We can say we have a strong and experienced IT team, great financial power and the most serious intentions to become one of the leaders among cryptoexchanges. Briefly about our current benefits: - Easy registration, no verification required; - Easy to use, intuitive and powerful interface; - Flexible trading fee, which depends on the trading volume; - Bonuses for liquidity providers; - Different types of orders: Market, Limit; - Low fees for deposit and withdrawal of funds, a wide choice of payment systems; - Modern 2–level account security system: 2-factor authentification, white list of IP-addresses, pluggable e-mail; - Friendly and fast support; - Profitable affiliate program - we share with you 50% from our profit. Trades are conducted in the following currencies: BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, LTC/USD, LTC/EUR, LTC/BTC, LTC/RUR, BTC/RUR, DGC/RUB, BTC/BRL and etc. The list of cryptocurrency will expand in the nearest future, also we are going to add new fiat pairs. Deposit fees: Bitcoin - 0% Litecoin - 0% PerfectMoney - 0% OkPay - 0% LavaPay - 0% Qiwi - 0% Yandex.money - 0% Alipay - 0% Banks of Latin America - 0% Local Bank Transfer - 0% Privat24 - 0% Russian Banks - 0% Bank cards - 0% SEPA - 0% UnionPay - 0% Wire Transfer - 0.10% + fix depending on the currency Withdrawal fees: Bitcoin - 0.001 BTC Litecoin - 0.1 LTC DOGE - 10 DGC LavaPay - 0% PerfectMoney - 0.5% OkPay - 1% (RUR - 3.5%) (min. 0.1) SEPA - 1% + 30 EUR Wire transfer (SWIFT) - 0.25% + 30 USD Visa & MasterCard - 3.9% + 7 USD/EUR, 3.90%+100.00RUB Privat24 - 3.00% (Min 10.00UAH) Qiwi wallet - 0% Yandex Money - 2.90% (Min 10.00) Wire Transfer - 1% + fix depending on the currency Please, Pay attention!!! - Payment Processors can charge additional fee. Bitport.net provides you with the most powerful tools for both trading crypto and accepting payments in crypto. our Trading Fees 0.2% https://www.bitport.net/en/services/fees https://www.bitport.net/en/account/profile/affiliate-program Each time you bring someone to Bitport with your personal affiliate link, you get a reward to your account from Bitport. The more people you bring the more you'll earn. We give up 50% share from our trading fees. Example: if you bring turnover of 100k usd - our fee is 0.4% with is 400usd, you will get 200usd. We give up 50% from our profit every time your affiliate deposits or withdraw funds. Example: Your referral deposits 100 usd our fees is 3%, we give you 50% from 100*0.03/2 = 1.5 usd(is your profit). https://www.bitport.net/en/account/register
  2. Bitport.net bietet Ihnen die mächtigsten Werkzeuge für den Kryptohandel und den Empfang von Zahlungen in Kryptowährungen. Unsere Handelsgebühr beträgt 0,2% https://www.bitport.net/en/services/fees https://www.bitport.net/en/account/profile/affiliate-program Jedes Mal, wenn Sie jemanden über Ihren Affiliate-Link zu Bitport bringen, erhalten Sie eine Entlohnung von Bitport auf Ihren Account gutgeschrieben. Je mehr Menschen Sie zu Bitport bringen, desto mehr werden Sie verdienen. Wir geben 50% der Anteile unserer Handelsgebühren ab. Ein Beispiel: Wenn Sie 100.000 EUR Umsatz machen - unsere Gebühr beträgt 0,4%, das sind 400 EUR - dann erhalten Sie 200 EUR. Wir geben 50% unseres Gewinns ab, jedesmal wenn Ihr Partner Gelder einzahlt oder abbucht. Beispiel: Ihr Partner zahlt 100 EUR ein - unsere Gebühr beträgt 3% - Wir geben Ihnen 50% davon. 100*0,03/2 = 1,5 EUR (ist Ihr Gewinn).
  3. Hello, i'm new to this bitcoin forum and i was hoping to learn more about the industry in this forum seeing that there seems to be allot of knowledgeable members. I came across this website called Bitwallet.cc/?af=4805e6f4 and they seem to be offering many different features within the wallet. So my question is: those anyone have any reviews on them. Are they a trusted site (i really don't want to loose my coins) or another flight by night site. I have also come across many others but to be quite honest i really like their features but again i rather be safe then sorry. Here are BitWallet's Features: Decentralized Bitcoin Trading Platform. Peer-to-Peer bitcoin trading. Sellers are able to create advertisements and make trades without carrying an active balance on BitWallet. When a trade is opened, if escrow is not funded, it alerts trader to deposit bitcoins to finish the trade. They designed it specifically so active buyers and sellers can post ads and trade bitcoins without the need to have bitcoins in your balance. - Improved easy payment pages to accept Bitcoin. - Improved overall security on the wallet. Your BitWallet account can now be protected with 3 layers of security (credentials + 2Factor + PIN system) - Performance improvements throughout the wallet. Upcoming Features: They have already started building the platform to enable all users to create Multi-Sig addresses and use them as part of daily transactions using their BitWallet account. Features on BitWallet will work seemlessly with multi-sig addresses. This provides users and BitWallet with a great deal of added security and peace-of-mind. BitWallet will only store ONE key, permitting users to easily send bitcoins through their system while keeping 100% control over their bitcoins. So as you can see they seem to be legit but again i really want to makle sure before using them. Looking forward to your feedback Crypto_Guy
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