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  1. Electra OnePaper http://electraproject.org "The World's Fastest, Most Secure and Easy to Use Currency" What is Electra? Simply stated, Electra is a cutting-edge digital currency for the future ... available today. Envision a day when your money is 100% secure and yet instantaneously accessible. Well that day is today and that currency is Electra. Many factors today threaten traditional fiat currencies such as devaluation from money printing by the European Central Bank and United States Treasury, currency manipulation by rogue nations, security breaches and theft and financial central planning. Electra is the answer to the problems plaguing traditional fiat currencies and the technology behind Electra is what makes it a superior currency option. Electra's Superior Technology Electra provides the solution for a fast, secure and easy to use currency that cannot be devalued, mass produced or gamed to give anyone an advantage. To achieve this, Electra uses the most secure blockchain technology ever created to ensure impenetrable security and instantaneous access to your money. Electra's core technology is known as the NISTS blockchain which comprises the best advances from the top five blockchain finalists that competed in a five-year long blockchain competition at the United States' National Institute of Standardsand Technology (NIST) between 2007 and 2012. Besides bulletproof security, other key components of NISTS include a lightning fast algorithm for instantaneous access to your money with ultra-low energy consumption making Electra a superior and environmentally sustainable currency. Electra's Supply Electra has solved currency valuation concerns while ensuring future supply by incorporating a Proof-ofStake system that rewards active currency holders (nodes) for participating in a decentralized network with other nodes. Together these connected nodes verify and approve blockchain activity and keep identical copies of all transactions, known as a ledger. Since the ledger is replicated and shared among all nodes, manipulation is impossible. In return for verifying and approving blockchain transactions, a node is rewarded 2.5% of their respective currency holdings on an annualized basis. Beginning in October of 2019, the reward will be halved each year for the next seven years until it stabilizes at 0.02% annually in October of 2025. lt's important to note that the world's population is growing at approximately 1.1% annually so Electra has ensured, that in time, there will be an appreciation of its currency by creating new supplies as a slower rate than world population growth. Oversupply of traditional fiat currencies like Eurosand UDS's has eroded their buying power by 95% in the last 100 years. Electra's Availablllty At the time this was written, in December of 2018, there were approximately 29.2 billion Electra in circulation allowing for nearly anyone and everyone interested in investing in Electra's future to acquire this cutting-edge digital currency of the future. This abundant avairability has helped distribute Electra worldwide and attract many people into the Electra community. At the time of this writing there are approximately 17,000 Twitter followers, 12,000 Discord followers, and 9,000 Telegram followers and the community is growing rapidly. Electra's Communlty Provides the Power Electra's community of over 30,000 investors, followers and believers is growing daily and provides the power behind this amazing currency. Electra was born in summer of 2017 by a developer with a vision of creating a "safe, long-term, sustainable, self-governing cryptocurrency'' as stated in an interview in October 2018. Within the community, Electra's founder is known as EOl and has chosen to remain anonymous to keep the focus on the project and community rather than himself. In a recent interview with EOl, he stated that his identity would be revealed in due time. Today, Electra is supported entirely by its community of volunteers which helps ensure its long-term viability from truly committed individuals and also conserves valuable resources. As Electra's community grows so does its potential for mass adoption with merchants, online stores, Point-of-Sale retailers and as a private payment option between individuals. Transacting with ElectraPay Electra can be used for any financial transactions with an easy to use mobile, web or desktop wallet. Like a traditional wallet, Electra's wallets are applications available for iOS and Android devices that provide secure and instantaneous access to your money. Any merchant with a Magento, WooCommerce or Shopify based website can easily download a simple plugin to allow them to begin accepting Electra payments. One of the best features of the Electra payment system, known as ElectraPay, is that each merchant can select the currency they'd like to receive in exchange for Electra. A merchant's preferred currency will be deposited into their bank automatically without any effort or cost to them. As an example, if someone pays a merchant with Electra from their mobile wallet, that merchant can select to receive Electra, Euros, USD's or any other fiat or digital currency of their choosing. This exchange from one currency to another is seamless and costs the merchant nothing. What makes the exchange possible from one currency to another is what's known as an Atomic Swap. When someone submits their Electra payment to a merchant, an exchange rate between the two currencies is immediately established from a public currency exchange and a contract is established between the buyer and merchant that either can cancel without the need of a trusted third-party. Because of the contract between the buyer and merchant, transactions are instantaneous and secure. Electra's SocialPay To allow for easy payments and donations within social networks like FaceBook, Weibe, lnstagram and other social media platforms, Electra's SocialPay is an application that easily allows users to transact and donate to their favorite charities with Electra. Similar to online merchant payments, social media payments and donation recipients can select to receive Electra, Euros, USD's or any other fiat or digital currency of their choosing. Electra's Foundation & Future On October 12, 2018, Electra's core team members established a legal entity in the Netherland called the Electra Project. The Electra Project foundation received 300MM Electra from founder, EOl for the purposes of developing and promoting this cutting-edge digital currency. Long-term the foundation will become the recipient of donations and grants to further develop the world's Fastest, Most Secure and Easy to Use Currency. --------- Specifications Q1 2019 Name: Electra Token: Coin Ticker: ECA Year of Establishment: 2017 Language: C++ Hashing Algorithm: NIST5 Concensus Mechanism: PoS v3.0e (=electra) Mainnet Launch: March-17 Blocktime: 64s Blocksize: 10MB *TPS: 800 AtomicSwap: Yes Lightning Network: Yes Segwit: in progress Premine: 3.34% Foundation: Yes *after Segwit >1600 TPS
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