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Found 5 results

  1. Hallo Forum, 🙂 Ich bin zwar neu hier aber dennoch gleich ein neues Projekt vorstellen mit viel Potential! Das Projekt heißt Edain und ist aktuell in der Prelaunch Phase 3! Der Coin wird am 29.03.2022 mit 1.00$ bei Uniswap gelistet! Aktuell kann man ihn für 0.30$ erwerben. Was genau ist Edain? Kurze erklärung: EDAIN ist ein KI-gestütztes Ökosystem zur Schaung von Wissen und das Ziel ist, Wissen auf der ganzen Welt zugänglich zu machen. Der gleichberechtigte Zugang zu Wissen trägt dazu bei, die Wissenslücke zu schließen, und wird die gesamte menschliche Intelligenz bei unseren Problemlösungen stärken. Drei Top Unternehmen haben sich zusammen geschlossen und ein gemeinsames und unglaubliches Projekt erschaffen. Prisma Analytics, CryptoDATA Tech und Dell Technologies! Das ist einer der ersten Projekte das ich generell Vorstelle da ich hier zu 100% auch dahinter stehe. Würde mich freuen wenn Ihr ein Kommentar hier lässt und mir Berichtet was Ihr von dem Projekt hält. Bis dahin, Viele Grüße 🙂
  2. Hello, sorry when my english is not so, iam from Germany, a question. iam working in PayPal Company Germany.And few day ago, my boss had a Brainstorming. They like to start accepptting Cyder coin, start from August 2018. As i never trade anything, not with Money, Company paper or coins. When we start acceppting cyder on PayPal, i would buy cyder now to invest because i think when it is done that my Company integrate cyder as payment Option i could make a lot of win? do am i think right? please dont answer if youre not serious. I read a lot and found two different opion, one says that when Company accept a coin this coin go high. Others say when a Company acceppt coins than the Price stays stable. Idont know. I would invest 100000 euro please someone who know about helps me
  3. Hey there! We and the King are very pleased to announce the release of a realistic Bitcoin Dice casino. Our Top & Premium domain name, Innovative front end gameplay and fast responses define us! ...Just try it yourself! www.KingDice.io How to play: Lucky number can be from 0 to 99. To play, choose a Roll Over/Under number from the range [1-98] and click Roll Dice! The dices will start to roll and when they stop, they would have formed the Lucky Number! If its Green its a WIN! If you want fast rolling, and you don't want to wait for the animation to stop, just click Roll Dice and you will see the Lucky Number on Top! Gameplay Modes: No Animation Mode: A mode when the dices don't roll instead they show immediately the Roll Number. (Toggle ON/OFF the button which is in the opposite side of Volume ON/OFF button. Free Play Mode available, play without having to deposit! Once you freerolling, an Alert Bar shall show informing you about it. Real Play Mode, deposit and play with as low as 100 satoshis. Transactions: Deposits are credited after 1 confirmations. Withdrawals are sent out immediately. TX fee: 0.0002/kb Extras: Affiliates commission is the standard 10% but contact us for better deals. 2FA authentication for all our players. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU TO ENABLE IT. Faucet to try the site with real money. Various: House edge as low as 1%. Fully Provable Fair , just click on a Roll ID and click the Verify Button!. Let the JS do the rest Fully functional on all mobiles & iPads & Screens Playful Sounds! Don't forget to enable them! AUTO betting feature. You can place bets automatically, and change animation modes on the fly! Chatbox with PM/TIP Feature available! (beta stage). HotKeys: H->Roll High, L->Roll Under, [sPACE] -> Roll Dice, X-> Halve amount, C-> Double Amount. Invest in Bankroll : Real time Investments/Divestments. Investors keep 50% of profits. Commission taken every Monday at 00:01 CET and is never charged twice on same profits. Password prompt upon Divest, for security purposes. Max profit is determined on 1% of the total bankroll. Investors are in Top priority in terms of Support/Issues and Feature Requests. Investors Funds are kept in a public Cold Storage address, which will be soon announced in this thread. Investment Transaction History actions can be seen under "Bankroll Transactions" on Transaction History. Investments/Divestments are fully working on any device giving easy access and total control.
  4. These auctions at bitify: https://bitify.com/auctions/other-cryptocoins/altcoin-trading-signal-group-822537/ Could you tell me your oppinion or some experiences. Thanks and have a nice day.
  5. Hat heute aufgemacht ist so ähnlich wie btc-flow. schaut es euch an bekommt man recht viel bitcoins wieder gratis ohne investieren Hier kann man meine Payouts beobachten: https://blockchain.info/address/1NzrDVy7PihdD1erauTq2grCp463PPzfuy Zur Seite gehts: HIER
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