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  1. The TombCare team suggested to shift the memorial field to blockchain and create a kind of «ritual Uber». Recently the project has successfully attracted investments of $1 million. The ICO lasted 3 months and currently the tokens are available for trading on BTC-Alpha and EtherDelta exchanges. Now the project is being actively developed on the European part of the continent, but soon TombCare will enter the American, Asian, African and Australian markets. It is planned to open partner offices in all regions of the world. About the TombCare Project TombCare is a platform that allows to inventory the maximum number of burial places around the world using the blockchain technology. The service is expected to become a convenient platform for both customers and service providers. The former will get the opportunity to choose the necessary service, terms, reports on the work done and also will be able to pay anywhere in the world (using the internal platform’s currency — the CARE coin). The CARE token will be used as a single currency for payment for the transactions within the project. Providers will be able to choose the cemeteries they are ready to serve, to have a register of all graves, to create a list of services and price-apps, to process applications with a guarantee of payment, to form a progress report using a mobile phone. What is the «Mining on Cemetery»? «In order to conduct an inventory of burial grounds around the world, it was necessary to motivate people to do it themselves. We released TombTrack — it's a very simple and easy-to-use app that anyone can use to become part of the system», — Andrei Simonov, CEO TombCare. The so-called «mining in the cemetery» implies that any person goes, takes photographs of the burial places, and the hash of the data on this burial and the user who filled the information is being recorded in the blockchain. And if any transaction (service order) takes place at these burial grounds, then the person receives a permanent passive income. Also, many cemeteries are already digitized, and if a person has this base, he/she can place it in TombCare.
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