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[OPEN] TerraMiner II shares 1 BTC = 30GH/s *Ships January


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Status of shares

32/32 Shares Available


My offer:


1 Share = 1BTC = 30 GH/s hashing power + 2% hosting fee

Miner will be hosted in a 24/7 air-conditioned office.

Payment will be send weekly.




How to Purchase:


Send 1BTC to address 1PM9T7o5xziEMaWJ7KFdJD6RtCXRGomhzk

PM or E-Mail (themaestrohun@hotmail.com) me with the transaction ID (TxID) along with your payout address.

!ONLY use sending addresses you fully control!





In case of non-delivery:


I (lukyxs) take no responsibility for the possibility that TerraMiner II does not deliver.

I (lukyxs) have done what I consider a thorough due diligence but as we all know, you can never 100% guarantee anything when it comes to pre-orders.

You can never 100% guarantee anything when it comes to pre-orders.

Refunds will be given in case of non-delivery less 2% for management of the Group Buy.

This group buy will be refunded if the miners are not delivered.





You may remain anonymous if you'd like.

You may reserve a share(s).All unpaid shares will be dropped in 72 hours.

I reserve the right to make any changes to the above in favor of each investor’s best interest.


This is my first Group Buy.My goal is to help people who are interested in the world of bitcoin miming.If you have any questions use this thread,PM or email me.

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