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ASIC Miner Anbieter - Nitro Mining, Black Arrow, Bit Mine


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Hallo zusammen!


Meine Grafikkarte läuft fast heiß, und ich bin kurz davor mir einen ASIC Miner zu bestellen.

Sinn oder Unsinn als Investment hin oder her, würde gerne eure Erfahrung mit den diversen Anbietern checken. Sind diese Firmen seriös? Liefern die überhaupt?


Hier gibt es eine Übersicht über ASIC Anbieter: http://bitcoins-handeln.de/bitcoin-asic-miner/


Nun, wie steht ihr zu:

- Nitro Miner

- Black Arrow

- Bit Mine



Hat jemand schon ein Gerät bestellt bzw. sogar erhalten. Sind diese Pre-Orders ernst zu nehmen oder großteils Abzocke?


Bitte um eure Meinung und Diskussion.

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Die Preise von Nitro Miner sind schon sehr strange.


240 $ für 90 GH/s ist extrem unrealistisch^^


Selbst 2400 $ wäre für 90 GH/s schon günstig.


Von Butterflylabs kann ich auf jeden Fall sagen dass sie sehr seriös & zuvorkommend sind. Da kann man auf jeden Fall kaufen.

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New Bitcoin ASIC Miner Technology 1 TH/S, 2 TH/S, 3 TH/S for the Bitcoin Mining Market from Boscombe Pierlytics now open for pre-order


Tuesday 10th of December 2013


Boscombe Pierlytics opens today 5. p. m. GMT its web-store and are now taking pre-orders for the Bitcoin ASIC Miners Boscombe Miner Thunderstorm 1000 at 1 TH/S, Boscombe Miner Firestorm 2000 at 2 TH/S, Boscombe Miner Hurricane 3000 at 3 TH/S. Boscombe Pierlytics Miner are unveiling their bitcoin mining hardware to the world, the range coined the Boscombe Pierlytics Miner series is causing quite the stir in the bitcoin mining technology sector. The product range of the ASIC Bitcoin mining hardware comes in 3 different units. The range of all Boscombe Miners, Boscombe Miner Thunderstorm 1000 at 1 TH/S, Boscombe Miner Firestorm 2000 at 2 TH/S, Boscombe Miner Hurricane 3000 at 3 TH/S are using a newly developed ASIC chip especially designed for Bitcoin mining which gives more power with improved efficiency reducing the amount of watts required to power the unit. Zdeněk Skupeň CEO from Boscombe Pierlytics announced, we are aiming to deliver pricing that is highly attractive with hardware powered to deliver a solid and fast return on investment. All Boscombe Miner units will have a led screen at the front of each miner running basic data including the hashrate. With such a high specification range and competitive prices the newcomer in the Bitcoin market Boscombe Pierlytics should have an interesting impact on the bitcoin mining market. Boscombe Pierlytics are sure that the first batch of Boscombe Miner Thunderstorm 1000 at 1 TH/S and Boscombe Miner Firestorm 2000 at 2 TH/S, shipping in January 2014 will sell out very fast.

Boscombe Pierlytics also have a much shorter delivery time for the first batch of Boscombe Miner units as manufacturing has been already partly completed. The Boscombe Miner units are certainly more tangible for the consumer as seen in the photos. As for the Bitcoin mining community the Boscombe Miner series will be a welcome addition to the Bitcoin mining family. The increased efficiency and speedy delivery times will no doubt be welcome news to the bitcoin mining marketplace. With bitcoins looking strong at around $900 USD - $1000 USD price point, the return on investment for this Boscombe Bitcoin ASIC Miner units looks very attractive.


About Boscombe Pierlytics:

Boscombe Pierlytics are Bitcoin ASIC mining hardware manufacturers, their range of Bitcoin mining hardware is from 1 TH/S to 3 TH/S. They also work on developing a new Litecoin mining device which will come soon. To learn more about Boscombe Pierlytics Bitcoin ASIC Miner please visit: http://www.boscombe-miner.com

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