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Paypal payment option cyder coins


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Hello, sorry when my english is not so, iam from Germany, a question.  iam working in PayPal Company Germany.And few day ago, my boss had a Brainstorming. They like to start accepptting Cyder coin, start from August 2018.

As i never trade anything, not with Money, Company paper or coins.

When we start acceppting cyder on PayPal, i would buy cyder now to invest because i think when it is done that my Company integrate cyder as payment Option i could make a lot of win?

do am i think right?

please dont answer if youre not serious.


I read a lot and found two different opion, one says that when Company accept a coin this coin go high.


Others say when a Company acceppt coins than the Price stays stable.


Idont know. I would invest 100000 euro


please someone who know about helps me

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