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German taxes in case of losses


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Hi all

during the last few days I did some trading and ended up with some losses. I was thinking on how to deal with Finanzamt in case of losses when holding period was below 1 year. For example:

1) I guess I can offset gains with losses among various coins, and next year I will only pay taxes on the real money gained in 2017?

2) what happens if I end up with only losses? Would I have a tax credit in the amount of losses * marginal tax rate, or that works only for gains?


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If I had taxes only in one country to pay without any help to do all the paperwork I would ask my question in the local language.

Tax laws are very difficult to understand - even for native speakers.

So, please consult an expert for your tax report.

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vor 38 Minuten schrieb pippokeraki:

Thanks Jokin, appreciate your advise. I will reach out to EY in due time. For the moment, a reply on the forum on a very general question would suffice.

It wouldn't and won't suffice, because we don't know the tax-laws of the country you have to pay taxes to.

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1. Learn German

2. Lies Paragraph 23 des Einkommensteuergesetzes


... und nein, dieses Forum ist weder ein Übersetzungsservice noch eine Steuerberatungsfirma.

Zumal Deine Fragen in anderen Threads bereits beantwortet wurden.

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Wow Jokin, I like your attitude! Grumpy because you've eaten up all your gains? This is the English section of the forum and I posted a legit question that was not answered before. If you do not feel like contributing with your knowledge, why bother with meaningless replies and waste yours and my time? Just move on.

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I’m not grumpy - I never lost money in the past :-)

That’s the reason I know almost everything about German taxes and I know a lot about taxes in other countries.

And my tax report will be conducted by EY, that’s the reason I propose them to you.

If you are not able to interpret German tax laws but you want to try to make your own tax report: You will get lost!

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