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Our community has over 100,000 (growing daily) loyal ICO enthusiasts that will get the word out about upcoming ICOs. Additionally, the CoinStarter members will be able to use the CoinStarter platform to launch their own ICOs as well as take advantage of a unique suite of products including Businefy and CoinStarterBox.

Businefy is a unique business analytics platform that provides all the essential software applications to fully manage all aspects of an enterprise or crowdsale campaign from project management to hiring to payroll and much more. This powerful utility will undoubtedly help our community grow any blockchain enterprise or campaign from early-stage startup to growth-stage company.

CoinstarterBox is the first and original ICO Coin subscription service. Every month we send carefully curated coins of the best ICOs to members’ Ethereum Wallet. This function makes it fun and easy for members to find promising ICOs and get some of their coins significantly below retail prices.


website : https://coinstarter.com
telegram : https://t.me/coinstarter
twitter : https://twitter.com/realCoinStarter

1 ETH = 4,500 STC
Soft cap
25000 ETH
Hard cap
154622 ETH
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