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www.CryptoHorse.ch is the first block chain platform in the world where we can buy, sell, collect, breed, race and create a community of horses.
CryptoHorses are digital collectible horses which are created on Ethereum Blockchain. Each horse is unique not only in its appearance or color but their genetic composition is different which shall be stored on the blockchain. They have 9 different colors and 35 different attributes.


These CryptoHorses are not just collectible rather they can be bought and sold for Ethereum or bred to create new horses that have a varying degree of traits of its parents. Depending on the traits they acquire from its parents, they can be sold or traded on Ethereum blockchain.
Each CryptoHorse has a particular gender – it can either be a mare or a stallion.
Initially, there shall be 20,000 Gen-0 horses that will be created and stored on Ethereum blockchain. There is no provision for creating new horses after the initial 20,000 Gen-0 horses are sold.
Each of the 20,000 horse is unique and has a price depending on its color and attribute. Some attributes are rare and some are common. Rarer the attributes, higher is the price.
The price of a horse is determined on the basis of following attributes:
1. Generation

2. Appearance
3. Colour

4. Name
5. Special features

6. Speed

7. Fertility

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