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Crypto Gui Miner - Official Thread And Support


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This is the official thread for support and development of CryptoGuiMiner! Please any suggest, criticize and praise.

I see that there are a lot of questions and different answers on forums on the subject of mining cryptocurrencies. So now… which cryptocurrency should you be mining and how? For beginners and people with no knowledge of cryptocurrencies, the biggest issue are the very basics like adjusting the settings which can be complicated and hard to figure out. If you want to start mining, it must be way more complicated than just a few clicks! Or is it? So you don’t have to bother, lose time or God forbid adjust something wrongly, there is an interesting piece of software that helps you and does everything automatically for you. I’m writing this because I myself am using this software and can confirm that it is definitely the best solution for everyone who is new in the world of cryptocurrency mining.

The program is called Crypto Gui Miner and it you can download it from https://cryptoguiminer.com/

The main thing which makes this program so special and what sets it apart from the others is the simplicity and automatic set-up function. There is even a calculator on their website that will calculate which cryptocurrency is the most profitable to mine, depending on the graphics cards that you use.

When you run the program, it will automatically recognize the graphics cards that you are using and adjust the settings so that it mines the cryptocurrency that is the most profitable. You also have a nice and clear display of temperature and other useful data such as hashrates, estimated monthly earnings in US dollars or Bitcoin, monitoring for tracking results via mobile phone, etc.
All you have to do is insert your wallet address so you can dafely save the currency you are mining directly into your wallet (and it is saved automatically). The best place for creating your wallet is the official website of the cryptocurrency that you wish to start mining. Of course, you always have control over what and when you will be mining.

You can also enter more than one wallet into the program, so the program will mine the currency that is the most profitable at that time. However, if you only wish to mine one cryptocurrency, then just click on the button “Force” and the chosen cryptocurrency will be mined regardless of the others.

In short, don’t focus on mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or other currencies that are difficult to mine and you need hardware of 100+ thousands of EUR. Focus on currencies that can quickly be mined and monetized, converted into cash or for buying other cryptocurrrencies or if you plan to invest them in the long run. Just download the program, choose one or more currencies for mining, insert your wallet and that is it. No complicated settings, losing time, uncertainties etc.


Currently availible GPU (version v1.4 ):

GTX 1080 TI
GTX 1080
GTX 1070 TI
GTX 1070
GTX 1060
GTX 1050 TI
GTX 980 TI
GTX 980
GTX 970
GTX 960
GTX 780
GTX 750 TI
Vega 64
Vega 56
RX 580
RX 570
RX 480
RX 470
R9 390
R9 380
R9 280X
R9 200


Currently availible Coin/Algo ( version v1.4 ):

Ferrum Coin (skein)
Ravencoin (x16r)
Virtus (tribus)
MkT Coin (x17)
Argo (skein)
Curve Coin (skein)
Luxcoin (phi)
Verge (x17)
Desire (neoscrypt)
Garlicoin (allium)
BitcoinZ (equihash)
Infinex (lyra2z)
Taler (lyra2z)
Absolute Coin (lyra2rev2)
Orbitcoin (neoscrypt)
Solaris (xevan)
Bulwark (nist5)
Verge (lyra2rev2)
Mona Coin (lyra2rev2)
Zencash (equihash)
DigiByte (skein)
Nihilo Coin (neoscrypt)
GoByte (neoscrypt)
Bitcore (timetravel10)
TrezarCoin (neoscrypt)
Ethereum Future (nist5)
Stipend (c11)
Bitcoin Gold (equihash)
Zcash (equihash)
Innova (neoscrypt)
CrowdCoin (neoscrypt)
Coin2Fly (neoscrypt)
Zclassic (equihash)
Phoenixcoin (neoscrypt)
Ethereum (ethash)
Halcyon (neoscrypt)
Vivo (neoscrypt)
Denarius (tribus)
Elephant Coin (xevan)
Feathercoin (neoscrypt)
Tune Coin (neoscrypt)
Electroneum (crypto-night)
Graft (crypto-night)
Verge (blake-2s)
Lizus (skein)
Monero (crypto-night)
DinastyCoin (crypto-night)
Bash Coin (skein)
XHimera (xevan)
Lbry (lbry)
CropCoin (neoscrypt)
Bithold (c11)
Folm (phi)
Jolt Gas (c11)


v 1.0
- initial version

v 1.1
- new feature: email notification when changing minign coin
- improved hashrate for some algorithms
- improved stability

v 1.2
- added custom mining profile for advanced users, select miner and enter cmd in format -o stratum+tcp://POOL : PORT -u YOUR_WALLET -p x
- improved stability

v 1.3
- added support for x16r algo

v 1.4
- notification for pool which don't support profit check api
- improved stability

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1 hour ago, Adriana Monk said:

Du solltest mal Deine Webseite ueberpruefen. Deine ganzen Bilderlinks funktionieren nicht. Auch knallen alle Virenscanner die Software in die Quarantaene.

Das ist ein gaengiges Problem, aber dann kann ich das nicht laufen lassen.



Dear Adrian, this is absolute normal for mining software.

Windows defender and antivirus detect ANY mining software like a virus but this is not a virus.

How would you solve the problem you must follow instruction. 100% virus free - antivirus programs can detect a false positive. The entire folder in which the application is installed is preferred to be added as an exclusion in Windows Defender and other antivirus programs.


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  • 1 month later...

New version of Crypto Gui Miner v1.5.0 is availible now


Change log
v 1.5.0
– user can define custom coins
– user can define custom pools
– user can define custom cmd params for each mining profile
– user can define period for estimated earnings
– user can set custom currencty
– MY PROFITS IN 24h (added scroll, improved reading data from pool)
– improved design for mining profiles
– window is now resizable
– fixed some small bugs

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