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Ist dies ein echtes Lebenszeichen von Satoshi Nakamoto?

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Dies hier fand ich heute auf pastebin:

"What I'm going to present is even better evidence of who I am than access to mere private keys (which can be stolen). And it's definitely more convincing than what was ever offered by CSW.
The point here is to demonstrate superior understanding of Bitcoin encryption. I will manipulate the first and last digit of a hash (md6-256) that's not native to Bitcoin, to produce a vanity address ON BITCOIN that coincides with the signed statement. 

The original hash, before being manipulated, will be derived from " v0.1 ", the first version of Bitcoin.  
To recognize the significance of this, you will need to bring your attention to the similarities in the two hashes.
"v0.1" was the first version of Bitcoin. It was hashed in md6-256 which is not sha-256. Slightly modified it exposes a hidden vanity address that starts out with "1MyFun".
Creating Bitcoin Was All About "My Fun".
Private Hexidecimal Key
Bitcoin v0.1 Alpha Release
" v0.1"  (md6-256)

The odds of anyone being able to manipulate the first and last digits of any hash relating to the first version of Bitcoin to reveal a hidden vanity address are about 10 trillion to 1.  

Not accepting this as undeniable proof means you don't understand the statistical probability ratios involved with knowing where to look and what to change.

Greedy and uneducated people are only interested in ‘where the money is’ (access to keys) instead of real cryptographic evidence.

NOTE: Do not attempt to add these private keys to your wallet.  
PS: I live in Bali,  Indonesia."

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