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Official Swachhcoin Bounty Campaign
Decentralising Waste Management

Swachhcoin is launching its official bounty campaign, where we will
reward our supporters for their meaningful engagement in our
upcoming token generation event.








Official ANN 

The bounty pot of 16,000,000 Swachh Tokens (~1.2 Million USD) will be distributed
among different campaigns

1. Bitcointalk Campaign----------------------------------------- 25% (4,000,000 Swachh Tokens)
2. Facebook Campaign -------------------------------------------10% (1,600,000 Swachh Tokens)
3. Twitter Campaign ------------------------------------------------10% (1,600,000 Swachh Tokens)
4. Instagram Campaign ------------------------------------------2% (320,000 Swachh Tokens)
5. Reddit Campaign ------------------------------------------10% (1,600,000 Swachh Tokens)
6. Telegram Campaign------------------------------------------ 10% (1,600,000 Swachh Tokens)
7. Medium Campaign ------------------------------------------1% (160,000 Swachh Tokens)
8. LinkedIn Campaign------------------------------------------ 5% (800,000 Swachh Tokens)
9. Unique Campaign ------------------------------------------3% (480,000 Swachh Tokens)
10. Newsletter Campaign------------------------------------------ 1% (160,000 Swachh Tokens)
11. Meme Campaign ------------------------------------------1% (160,000 Swachh Tokens)
12. Display Picture Campaign ------------------------------------------2% (320,000 Swachh Tokens)
13. Media/Article Campaign ------------------------------------------15% (2,400,000 Swachh Tokens)
14. Translation Campaign------------------------------------------ 5% (800,000 Swachh Tokens)

General Terms:

● Participants should submit the proof of their work on bounty thread every
weekend so that their stakes are timely updated.
● Participants can check their token earnings updated every Monday on bounty
● Friends/Followers count once provided will not be changed.
● Posts/comments/tweets or content shouldn’t be removed until the end of bounty
campaign. Doing so will lead to cancellation of reward.
● Using #hashtags and website link wherever mentioned is compulsory,
submissions made otherwise will not be rewarded.
● Failure to meet the minimum amount of posts will lead to cancellation of tokens
rewarded for that week.
● Any means of cheating, dishonesty or spamming will not be tolerated. If found
doing so, the participant will be expelled from the program.
● In case of expulsion of a participant from any campaign, the tokens earned will be
● In case of Bitcointalk rank changes during the campaign, one must contact the
campaign manager @Alok_Yadav on Bitcointalk via pm.
● ERC20 Wallet address once provided will not be changed.
● For technical support write to us bounty@swachhcoin.com .

These were the general rules. Please, go through the specific rules of each campaign
before registering.

Facebook Campaign:facebook.png.36c7aea86885a07712121884f6c1b232.png

You must like and follow Swachhcoin’s official Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/swachhcoinofficial/
● Like, Share and Comment on at least 7 posts per week posted by Swachhcoin
using hashtags #Swachhcoin #Cryptocurrency #ICO #Blockchain along with
a link to www.swachhcoin.com in the shared post description.
● Make at least 4 posts per week in relevant Facebook Groups about Swachhcoin
using hashtags # Swachhcoin #Cryptocurrency #ICO #Blockchain along with
a link to www.swachhcoin.com in the post description.

Rewards (per week):

Number of Friends Like, Share and Comment Group Post
200-1000 100 Tokens 100 Tokens
1001-2500 150 Tokens 150 Tokens
More than 2500 250 Tokens 250 Tokens

Terms and Conditions: .
● All the posts made should be public.
● Your account must be at least 3 months old with minimum 200 friends.

How to Join:
Refer Bitcointalk ANN thread  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3047261.0

Twitter Campaign:
Follow Swachhcoin’s offical Twitter handlehttps://twitter.com/SwachhCoin

● Like, comment and retweet the tweets by Swachhcoin at least 7 times per week.
● Tweet about Swachhcoin using hashtags # Swachhcoin #Cryptocurrency #ICO
#Blockchain along with a link to www.swachhcoin.com at least 4 times in a
week .

Rewards (per week):
Number of Followers Like, Comment and
Retweet Tweet
50-200 15 Tokens 30 Tokens
201-500 30 Tokens 60 Tokens
500-1000 60 Tokens 120 Tokens
1001-5000 100 Tokens 200 Tokens
>5000 250 Tokens 500 Tokens

Terms and Conditions: .
● Your account must be at least 1 month old and have at least 50 followers.
How to Join:
Refer Bitcointalk ANN thread  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3047261.0

Instagram Campaign:


Follow Swachhcoin’s official Instagram page.https://instagram.com/swachhcoin

● Like and comment on at least 7 post by Swachhcoin per week along with
hashtag # Swachhcoin #ICO #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain .
● Post about Swachhcoin on your Instagram handle at least 4 times a week with
hashtag # Swachhcoin #ICO #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain and tag

Rewards (per week):
Number of Followers Like and Comment Post
200-2500 20 Tokens 50 Tokens
More than 2500 50 Tokens 100 Tokens

Terms and Conditions:
● Post can be related to Blockchain, IoT, AI, Big Data, Waste Management with
relevance to Swachhcoin.
● Participant’s account must be at least 2 months old and have at least 200
● Participant’s account must be public.
How to Join:
Refer Bitcointalk ANN thread  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3047261.06

Reddit Campaign  


Follow Swachhcoin’s official subreddit r/swachhcoin .https://www.reddit.com/r/swachhcoin/

● Comment or post about Swachhcoin on any of the following subreddits:
reddit.com/r/swachhcoin , reddit.com/r/ethtrader ., reddit.com/r/ethereum .,
reddit.com/r/bitcoinr ., reddit.com/r/icocrypto , reddit.com/r/cryptocurrency

Rewards (per post):
Number of Karma Post or comment
0 10 Tokens
10 20 Tokens
30 40 Tokens
50 100 Tokens
100 200 Tokens
250 300 Tokens
>1000 500 Tokens

Terms and Conditions:
● Posts and comments with negative karma will not be counted.
● Participant can claim upto 12 posts/comments per week.

How to Join:

Refer Bitcointalk ANN thread  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3047261.07

Medium Campaign:


Follow Swachhcoin’s official Medium account.


● Share all our medium posts on Facebook or Twitter using hashtag #Swachhcoin
#Cryptocurrency #ICO #Blockchain along with a link to
www.swachhcoin.com in the shared post description.
● Clap on the post.

Rewards (per share):
Shared on Reward for Share
Facebook 50 Tokens
Twitter 50 Tokens

Terms and Conditions:
● Comment made must be positive and supportive which manifests that you have
gone through the whole article.
● Don’t forget to clap.

How to Join:
Refer Bitcointalk ANN thread


LinkedIn Campaign:


Follow Swachhcoin’s official LinkedIn account. hcoin[/url]
● Like, Share and Comment on at least 7 posts per week posted by Swachhcoin
using hashtags #Swachhcoin #Cryptocurrency #ICO #Blockchain along with
a link to www.swachhcoin.com in the shared post description.
● Make at least 4 posts per week in relevant LinkedIn Groups about Swachhcoin
using hashtags # Swachhcoin #Cryptocurrency #ICO #Blockchain along with
a link to www.swachhcoin.com in the description.

Rewards (per week):
Number of Connections Like, Share and Comment Posts
500-1000 10 Tokens 25 Tokens
1001-5000 25 Tokens 50 Tokens
5001-10000 50 Tokens 100 Tokens
10001-50000 125 Tokens 250 Tokens
>50000 250 Tokens 500 Tokens

Terms and conditions:
● Participant’s account must have at least 500 connections.
How to Join:
Refer Bitcointalk ANN thread


Telegram Campaign:

Join our Official Announcement channel:

Join our Official discussion group: https://t.me/SwachhcoinOfficial
Invite your friends to join our telegram channel
Wear Swachhcoin logo as your display picture on telegram. Download picture at
https://imgur.com/5mNv6mr .
● Use ‘Swachhcoin:Decentralising Waste Management’ in your telegram bio.

Tasks to be done Reward
Join both Swachhcoin group & Channel 50 Tokens
Invite others to join our Telegram Channel 50 Tokens/invite
Wear Swachhcoin avatar 50 Tokens/week
Use Swachhcoin tagline in your bio 50 Tokens/week

Terms and Conditions:
1. Active Participation in Telegram discussion is must.
2. Use of abusive, foul language or spamming will lead to immediate ban of the

How to Join:
Refer Bitcointalk ANN thread


Unique Campaign:


● Participants in this campaign will have to support us throughout the program in
any of the ways mentioned below.
You can support us by:
● Writing a weekly column about Swachhcoin on a personal popular news/media
portal dedicated to cryptocurrency/finance topics regarding latest updates.
Reward: 400 Tokens per article
● Making a series of videos dedicated to the analysis of Swachhcoin and upload it
on your personal YouTube channel, specializing in ICO reviews.
Reward: 750 Tokens
● Write a long article (Min. 1,500 Words) with a multi-criteria analysis of
Swachhcoin, updates and developments.
Reward: 600 Tokens
● Introduce us to investors who are willing to support this kind of project.
Reward: 2,000 Tokens
Terms and Conditions :
● Personal media resources on which content is being published must have at
least 8,000 daily unique visits.
● YouTube channel must have at least 3000 subscribers.
● Introduced investor should contribute to project at least 20 ETH.
● Submissions in this campaign will reviewed thoroughly before being rewarded.

● The participant must contact info@swachhcoin.comin order to claim the

Newsletter Campaign:


● Visit https://www.swachhcoin.com/ and subscribe to our newsletter https://swachhcoin.com/#fowith your

Reward: 50 Tokens

Terms and Conditions:
1. Participation from Multiple accounts or any other means to cheat will lead to
disqualification of all the accounts that took part in the illegality.

Translation Campaign:


● Translate our website  https://swachhcoin.com ,whitepaper or ANNhttps://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3034091.0 thread.
● For reservation, click herehttp://swachhcoin.com/bounty/register and fill the translation campaign form. we will contact
you on bitcointalk via pm. Start your translation only after getting approval.


1500 Tokens for Website
3000 Tokens for Whitepaper
500 Tokens for ANN translation
100 Tokens per week for moderation.
250 Tokens for reporting translation error .

Terms and Conditions:
● One reservation per person.
● The translator is responsible for moderation of their thread, he/she must keep the
thread active and upto date. Failing to do so, will lead to disqualification.
● Use of Google Translator (or other tools used for translation) resulting in bad
quality work will not be counted.
● The translation work of the website has to be uploaded on google drive and the
link is to be posted on thread.
● Only the posts bringing a relevant new update will be counted.
● Participant has a window of 7 days from the time of registration within which
he/she must submit their translation work.

Artwork Campaign:


Create a positive meme with a Swachhcoin logo and share it on Instagram,
Facebook,Twitter,Reddit using hashtag # Swachhcoin, #ICO

Reward (per artwork):
Shared On Rewards
Facebook 100 Tokens
Twitter 150 Tokens
Instagram 100 Tokens
Reddit 150 Tokens

Terms and Conditions:
● Created artwork must include Swachhcoin logo and the website address
● Artwork by participants must be original and be related to Waste management,
Cryptocurrencies , Blockchain , Crowdfunding, Crowdinvesting, Waste to energy
or anything related to Swachhcoin’s vision or domain.
● For reddit use relevant subreddits to post memes or other
artwork.(r/meme,r/funny r/holdmybeer).

Display Picture Campaign:

● Make Swachhcoin logo as your display picture on various social media platforms
to earn rewards. Download here 5mNv6mr.png .

Rewards (per week):
Name of Social Media Rewards
Facebook 100 Tokens
Twitter 150 Tokens
Instagram 100 Tokens
Reddit 150 Tokens

Terms and Conditions:
● Participant’s account must be at least 2 months old.
● Display picture should be clear, used without any filters and must be kept on till
the end of ICO.
● Number of weeks from the participant’s registration date to ICO end date will be
counted and rewarded accordingly.

Media/Article Campaign :
● Make a video or write an article committed towards the work of Swachhcoin.
● Publish it on any portal with popular user base.

Rewards (per content):
Submissions will be categorised into the following and rewarded accordingly:
Quality Rewards for Video Rewards for Article
High 10,000 Tokens 8,000 Tokens
Good 5,000 Tokens 4,000Tokens
Medium 2,000Tokens 1,000 Tokens
Low 500 Tokens 250 Tokens

Terms and Conditions:
● The quality of the video/article will be judged by the content and the number of
views it gets.
● The articles and videos should be listed in any of following:
○ News website
○ Popular Blog
○ Steemit
○ Medium
○ Youtube

Bitcointalk Signature/Avatar Campaign:
● Add Swachhcoin’s Signature and/or Avatar to your bitcointalk profile and make
10 post per week.

Rewards (per week):
Profile Rewards for Signature Rewards for Avatar
Newbies 200 Tokens Not Applicable
Jr. Member 400 Tokens Not Applicable
Member 700 Tokens Not Applicable
Full Member 1000 Tokens 250 Tokens
Sr. Member 1500 Tokens 250 Tokens
Hero Member 1750 Tokens 250 Tokens
Legendary Member 2000 Tokens 250 Tokens

Terms and Conditions: .
● Posts made must be minimum 50 characters length , should be on topic and
constructive in order get counted. Posts made otherwise can get you disqualified.
● No. of weeks from the participants registration date to ICO end date will be
counted and rewards will be distributed accordingly.
● Participant must wear our avatar/signature till the end of ICO.
How to Join:
Refer Bitcointalk ANN thread


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Es wird immer besser.

Schwachcoin für das Müllmanagement ... der kann sich vor Schwäche gleich selbst entsorgen :D

Aber eine tolle animierte Grafik haben sie ... das richtig tolle an der Grafik ist, wenn man sich alle Token-Transfers mal weg denkt und diese durch Fiat ersetzt und zusätzlich den ganzen Addon-Kram mit der Exchange wegdenkt, wird das System viel einfacher ... Geld und Müll wechselt die Seiten wie auch Output und Geld die Seiten wechselt.

Wiedermal ein hervorragendes Beispiel für "Dinge, die die Welt nicht braucht" ... aber man kann den Leuten Geld aus der Tasche ziehen.


(und man wird wohl auch mit diesem Token wunderbar spekulieren können, wenn er weit genug verbreitet ist ... aber dafür sorgt ja die Social-Media-Kampangne, die gefühlt locker den unendlich-fachen Raum füllt gegenüber der inhaltlichen Beschreibung welches Problem der Coin löst ... nämlich gar keines)

Edited by Jokin
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