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Magento Plugin For Bitcoin And Litecoin


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BTCMerch.com Magento plugins allows accepting of bitcoin/litecoin payments at Magento-powered online stores.




It accept payments directly into your personal bitcoin/litecoin wallet.

It accept payments in bitcoins/litecoins for physical goods and services.

It adds bitcoin/litecoin as a payment option to your store.

It can be converted from other currencies to bitcoin/litecoin at the market rate.

It supports 17 different currencies.



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We have tested the plugin with magento 1.8 and 1.12 Enterprise and it's working perfectly.

I will recommend you to use the latest version of Magento. There is no need to wait for 6 confirmations before you click continue, the page can be closed just after the payment is made. We will release a

new version of this plugin soon, which will hidee "continue button"

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when you download the magento zip file from https://www.btcmerch.com/help/magento

please,open the install.txt file inside the zip file, then read and follow the installation directory step by step.

You cannot copy and paste the whole file for now, we are still working on that BUT, if you follow the

steps in the install.txt file it will work perfectly

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