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Beware with Rich Sun Corporations


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The company Rich Sun Corporation is a scam, the company is giving promotion to other smaller companies that supposedly sell trading systems and are dedicated to that area. But in reality they are companies that have been denounced repeatedly for their scams, such is the case of btcmt4, a company that offers nonexistent benefits, requests the deposit of the money and after obtaining the large quantity that they request, the system stops work and they stop responding, they disappear.


Rich Sun Corporation is a company that when with a misleading directive, the company has been used to promote and offer benefits of fraudulent companies such as btcmt4 and cryptomt4, with the intention of stealing money from those interested in investing in trading systems. It happened to me, I was scammed with crytomt4 Did someone else have the same thing?

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The director of that company is Rosaline Ballesio, 
her husband is the owner of btcmt4 and is also involved in scams 
with pingpipe.com, crytomt4, and many other companies. 
This woman has also been reported on several occasions with 
her husband Philippe Ballesio for money laundering and falsification 
of documents when trying to blame other businesspeople for their thefts, 
among them: Philippe Ravon, Fernando Martínez and Jean Paul Monique. 
The warning is to be careful, do not trust these people, 
these companies, or anything related to them. The way to operate each fraud is: 
Offering trading systems, the person deposits the money in the bank 
account of Philippe Ballesio and then the person is removed 
from the system or the system stops working, the messages stop 
responding, and they end up separating completely from the situation, 
this is how they start the scams to innocent people. Alert!
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What a crap people are these, of course Rosaline Ballesio is the culprit, for those who do not know is the wife of one of the biggest swindlers of the current century, Philippe Ballesio, who is also accused of sexual extortion to his former employees . Rosaline Ballesio has little honor. These people are embarrassed.

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Philippe Ballesio has been imprisoned for the scam with the btcmt4 and cryptomt4 websites, it was time. But even so his wife being an accomplice is still free. These things cannot continue to happen, it is truly unfair. Swindlers like them should not remain free for life. It is totally unacceptable. I was one of the people who denounced this man for fraud and alleged fraud, I disagree with these acts, are thousands of victims who leave without money and without savings, people who believe in his services and are viciously swindled. Let’s have a voice on this so the victims don’t increase.

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