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Best-miner.com offical announcement for bitcoin miners worldwild business


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Yes, we are now start sale and deliver avalon 220G asic bitcoin miners world-wild. not only in China from last Dec 27 after we set our own english website, we used to only sale in China, for international customers, we sale it from some agency or some of them visit us to pay it in cash to get it.

We start to produce first avalon bitcoin miners in Jun 2013, the first is 110G avalon miners, and 220 G from last Oct, we are a sales agency and have OEM factory, that means we give them all materials and technical proposal, and they produce it for us.

Our business way is really different from other miner companies, as we only sell bitcoin miners in stock before customer pay, we have many customers in China, it makes us don't need to wait for certain numbers to start produce, that makes us the one who can promise we only sell bitcoin-miners in stock.(Quantity less than 5/order, more than 5/order need 2-3 days wait)

From the first bitcoin-miners we sell until now is more than 6 months, we still give them some technical support if they need, so we have really good reputation in China. hope our good products and service could give you the best mining experience.

Like our logo says, to be the best miners in the world.

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The gain will be not worth the effort;-)




The costs are higher calculated cause of german tax.


Hope their 2 THZ offer will be alvailable soon witouth pre-order;-) and that everybody who orders there will have a good experience:-)


If you will make the try I wish you much luck and only the best



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