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I forgot to indicate the ID on a bank transfer


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Hi all.


I discovered Bitcoins few days ago and decided to try out the system starting doing a small purchase. And while reading some forums i found that bitcoin.de whould be a nice place to start so here i am.


I'm sorry to say that but made my first 10BTC purchase only to find that the instructions are misleading and confusing, the result is almost after 2 days i'm still waiting to the seller to validate my bank transfer because i have not put the ID as a concept or comment when doing the SEPA transfer.


It's not the seller fault but the instructions from this site i followed to complete the transaction. I'm from Spain so i acces the site from http://www.bitcoin.de/es/, but some pages are bad or incompletely translated leading to confusion.


As an example:


. "In case of discrepancies, the seller is requested NOT to mark the payment as received." -> Should be: "En caso de discrepancias se requiere que el vendedor marque el pago como NO recibido."


. "Por favor indique únicamente el siguiente identificador como fin o comentario: (ID xxxx)" -> What's that mean? As i read it it says literally: "Please, indicate the following identification only as an end or comment (ID xxxx)"


I'm not the more smart guy, and english is not my natural language but if instead of that statement i read something like: "You NEED to indicate the ID of the transaction and ONLY the ID as a concept or comment when doing the bank transfer" that in spanish should be "Por favor, cuando realice la transferencia bancaria, indique como "concepto/comentario" el ID de la misma, y únicamente el ID."


Now what, i lost my money? Few hours before the first 24 hours i tried to contact the seller to indicate the ID. On my purchases/sales panel i see the option to "Write a message" now my question is, who is the addressee of that message? The seller? The site admin? A moderator?


Anyway i wroted a message indicating the ID but i have got no answer.


Someone can help? Thanks :)

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SEPA isn't that fast.

With the weekend in between I wouldn't worry before Thursday.

It depends on the seller of course but if the bank transfer was made with your account and name as registered by bitcoin.de then there should be no problem.

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Sorry then, i was thinking SEPA was an instant transaction hehe.


I made the transfer thursday night so i will wait one week then. It was my first SEPA transaction too so i have no idea how it worked.


Next time it will not happen :)

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