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[Minershare.net] KnC Neptune Miner #1 batch shares, $4/GHs, No hidden fees


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Minershare.net - Bitcoin mining made simple. No hidden fees, no preorders*.


Minershare.net sells Bitcoin miner shares/mining contracts.


We currently provide KnC Neptune #1 batch shares, starting from 0.2%. Through our previous website http://mine.coinco.in we managed to sell shares mostly to our close friends, even though we made some profit for both customers and ourselves, we now have decided to take it to the next level with a new name, website and marketing.


Why mine with us:


  • No hidden fees, reinvestment fees. All we take is a 10% fee of total mined BTC
  • 14 day 100% money back guarantee. Your money stays in your unique payment address for 14 days, it is always accessible.
  • No preorders*. The miners have already been ordered unless specified otherwise
  • Daily payouts, free withdrawals


Our website:




User panel:




Proof of order (3 orders total):




How buy shares:

If you don't have a customer number:

Go to the "Buy shares" section, choose a miner that has enough free shares for your needs and click on "Purchase". After that, you will be asked to enter your email and password (customer number is not necessary!). After the purchase, you are given an unique payment address and a Customer number which is used to log in. Please remember to write it down.


If you have a customer number:

Please use your customer number when purchasing shares if you wish to have your mining power merged into a single account. As soon as we verify the order (usually within 4 hours, never longer than 12 hours), we will add the invoice to your account.



For more details, please check out our website http://www.minershare.net.

Should you have any questions or difficulties, please email us: support@minershare.net (preferred), you can also call us: +358 (08) 2371 1134 (working hours: 12AM - 6PM GMT+2 Monday to Friday)


* No pre-orders as in we have already made the pre-orders. We are not asking for money to actually order the miners.



Best regards,

Minershare team

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