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Recruit recharging agents, Bitcoin websites circumambulate supervision


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“Before 15th April ,we have seeked a new recharging system which cant be closed completely .Luckily ,we find it ”—The news is released by CHBTC in China .

This becomes a microcosm that Chinese bitcoin websites take measures to circumambulate the latest supervision .Recently ,the rumor“15th April deadline”is popular .As 15th April is coming ,many bitcoin trading websites have written off their accounts .In order to prove CNY recharging ,bitcoin websites take measures to circumambulate supervision .

Circumambulating supervision

According to the media ,central bank of China has demanded to close the bank accounts from 15 Chinese bitcoin websites,banning banks and the third-party payment organizations from providing opening accounts ,recharging and withdrawing deposit service for bitcoin trading platforms before 15th April ..

It’s said that the notice is oral order without any written document .Trading platforms also only receive oral notice from banks ,but some claims that they have read the document from central bank of China .

Though the notice is low profile and different organizations have different understanding and execution in it , “15th April deadline ”is not a lie .Many Chinese bitcoin websites are demanded to write off bank accounts constantly .For example ,CHBTC was demanded to write off bank accounts from Bank of China on 17th April .

Under the serious supervision ,people can withdraw deposit and recharge without bank accounts through agent .So it can avoid the problem.

However ,with different execution and procedure ,not all banks demand bitcoin trading website to write off bank accounts .At present ,most Chinese trading platforms have closed their the third-party payment way ,while bank withdrawing deposit and recharging way also almost stop .But some websites still recharge through the third-party cards and banks .For example ,huobi.com open cards recharging service again .

Because the third-party payment way closes ,trading platforms begin to be the role reckoning .Okcoin ,BTC China and huobi.com roll out recharging code service constantly .The service allows clients to exchange CNY into recharging code ,then transfer it to other clients .

Compared with this ,the way recruiting agent of CHBTC is more clever .From its recruitment news ,it claims that it has invent a series of agent system like P2P .The member who have enough money can be the agent .The agent can use accounts (similar to bank accounts )or online recharge to recharge .Meanwhile ,it can use Alipay to recharge .The recharging way can be recommended on its official websites or hide in any ways .Clients can check the recharging way through our website .In doing so,we only accept recharging from agents not face up to clients directly .Therefore ,only without any document indicating that  bitcoin operation is illegal ,we can run the platform in a long term .

The agent should pass the real name identification and pay 50 thousand yuan guarantee deposit at least .Also later we will limit the agent trading on the platform.The platform only accepts agent recharge ,and the amount must more than 10 thousand yuan .Meanwhile ,now CHBTC will not give any wage to agents ,their profit may be bank interest .

It’s said that there is a agent in Jilin .Huobi.com also plans to finish the layout .

Offline and layout overseas

Along with different ways facing up to recharging limit ,bitcoin websites also expand their offline and foreign service .

BTC China has set the Chinese first ATM machine in Shanghai on 15th April,allowing bitcoin clients to purchase and sell bitcoin by different currency from different countries ./

Meanwhile ,BTC trading website,huobi.com and other trading platforms announced that they have finished registering and opening bank accounts overseas .And their trading websites overseas will be online .In addition ,huobi.com ,Okcoin hire professional team to audit belongings and will open it later .

Li lin ,the ceo of huobi.com said , “15th April deadline ” forced the trade to transfer from online to offline ,strengthening supervision difficulty .Meanwhile ,some people believe that what damages bitcoin is not policy risk but speculation risk .


Remaks: Due to language difference, sometimes people out of China can’t know what happened in China quickly. so we are here to make effort to change little, we will translate 3-4 bitcoin news in China to English everyday to help people out of China know what happened and what people thinks about bitcoin in China, If somewhere translate not that good, pls PM us so that we can  correct it. 

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