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Bitcoin derivative


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Many analysts do some research on Bitcoin trade and its outturn organization .

trading structure :Bitcoin derivative trade should obey 24/7 rule to keep track in time .The collateral from the members of outturn may be the tool of cash or securities .Build up reasonable security money system to make sure to stop trading with the emergency .


trading places :they are important to the execution of the contract .But they should not manage directly .Good structure trading places can develop the trade perfectly .Multipartite trade can prevent price from making a too big effect .oSo the governments may suppress the price .

The application of the contract :According to balance sheet ,Bitcoin futures contract should be suitable for the Standard of currency futures contract .The month of the contract are March ,June ,September and December ,The unit are 100BTC and 250BTC .Primary security money and maintain security money are 10% and 8%.


Now ,the biggest Bitcoin futures trades are ICBIT.se from Alex Stukalov and MPEx from Mircea Popescu.But they dont have the core function of reckoning .In addition ,BitFinex ,Btc.sx,Bit4x and Coinsetter provide non-Standard contract .People developed futures to face up to currency risk in the past .Today ,the futures market of encrypt currency makes an innovation again .



Remaks: Due to language difference, sometimes people out of China can’t know what happened in China quickly. so we are here to make effort to change little, we will translate 3-4 bitcoin news in China to English everyday to help people out of China know what happened and what people thinks about bitcoin in China, If somewhere translate not that good, pls PM us so that we can  correct it. 

Source http://www.yibite.com/article-3537-1.html

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