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Etherium Mining with Full Node on LAN Help !


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Hi !

Being completely new to mining and wanting to take advantage of some excess power from multiple solar arrays for fun, I came up with the following setup:

I would download an Ubuntu server with Geth a full node on it and then share it with the local lan so multiple PCS can mine here. Since there are a few with GPUS and some with CPUs, how exactly do I do this from start to finish?

Unfortunately, I can only find individual contributions here, but exact Howtos are not really available. Which commands do I have to enter one after the other?

Would also like to additionally secure the node with TOR. All without a Pool, only in Solo Mode :-)

Since I'm also only slowly getting to grips with ubuntu, I'd be very grateful to you if it were written in a howto ;) I also know that CPU mining doesn't make sense, but since I have enough electricity anyway and lots of smaller pcs, that's also sausage; )

I hope there isn't a lot of screaming why why why :)

Thank you in advance!

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Why do you want to run geth? That's not necessary because usually you mine to a mining pool (mining solo doesn't make any sense unless you have substantial hashing power which I doubt). ETH mining will stop in the next week, very likely as Ethereum is scheduled to switch from PoW mining to PoS validators which don't mine in the traditional way by crunching some fancy crypto puzzles.

With your CPUs you could mine Monero (not sure if there's another coin that can be mined at least to some amount with CPUs). When ETH PoW mining stops there'll be some turmoils when the vast hashing power of the ETH space floods other coins. My Palantir is suspiciously dark and silent, the mining future is an unstructured dense fog.

Do you have any preferences what you want to mine?

Do you have any preferences which OS you want to use for mining?

With just a few GPUs and CPUs: forget about solo mining, that's a waste of time and energy even when your energy is cheap excess energy from your PV! Chances to win the solo mining lottery are basically almost zero.

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