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[EN] Dafthost.com - Dedicated Servers, VPS, Shell Accounts Bitcoin/Paypal/Wire


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Dafthost.com providing dedicated servers, VPS and Shell accounts.

We use only high quality servers to ensure high performance with affordable pricing on a wide range managed servers.

All of our hosting servers are located in Poland datacenters and our company is registered in Polish office of electronic communication.

If you are interested please check our offer on Dafthost.com


Dedicated Servers : 



- Bitcoin Payment ! 

- Free IP KVM for any server (ilo2, ilom or drac) 

remote monitor, mouse,virtual drive, restarts, etc

- You can install any operation system remotely 

- We do not interfere which operating system you are installing

- No Limit Bandwidth (after exceeding the 3 TB speed will be reduced)

- 10Mbps Uplink/Port Speed

- Many servers to choose (HP,Dell,IBM, Sun SPARC)

- Extra email account 



Features : 



- CPU Intel Xeon 2QCx2.33 GHz (8 core 8 threads)

- 8 GB Ram 

- Hard drive choose when ordering

- Remote KVM ilo2 (Monitor, Mouse, Virtual Drive, Remote Restarts)


Basic plan 100 $ 


More servers is available on our website. 



VPS : 



- Bitcoin Payment !

- Virtualization method Vmware Esxi ! 

- Total root privilege 

- Full management via VMware vSphere Client.

- Freedom to install any operation system and software configure your account the way you want it.

- No Limit Bandwidth (after exceeding the 3 TB speed will be reduced)

- 10Mbps Uplink/Port Speed

- Extra email account 



Features : 



- 1x Intel Xeon 2.33 GHz 12M 

- 1 GB Ram Guaranteed !

- 40 GB

- Remote KVM Monito Mouse, Virtual Drive, Remote Restarts (VMware vSphere Client)

- Virtualization VMware Esxi 



Basic plan 35 $ 


More VPS is available on our website. 



Shell Account : 


- Bitcoin Payment ! 

- Web Hosting

- Domain free hosting

- You can run IRC servers, IRC Bots, Bouncers, etc

- Python, Perl, PHP, Java, C, C++, Tcl, Erlang, Ruby, Rubygems, Ruby on Rails, Mono, Lua, Node.js, Zope, Pylons, Django, Catalyst, Apache maven, rhodecode

- No transfer limit(after exceeding the 3 TB speed will be reduced)

- 10Mbps Uplink/Port Speed

- Private IP 

- Extra email account 


Basic plan 10 $ 


All servers is located in Poland.


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