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ENGLISH Hacking the current Economic System (Critical Reviews Needed please)

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Big Idea, Mobile App device that allows any user to award themselves their own "points" based on good deeds they done each day, Deeds get publicly listed on users profile. Merchant/other Users accept these "points" for products/services; By essentially giving everyone an possible printing press (and purposely not implementing a check-stop against abuse), we are allowing them to determine for themselves their point "needs" in life, as well as eliminate the "time value" of assets (due to inflation in points as well as an the removal of the incentive of storage for under or un-utilized assets). This will create an decentralized safety net that allows people to do what they most would like to do and hopefully stop the increasing need for the search of privatization and yield in debt-based capitalism
Steps added for clearer understanding of concepts
Step 1) each person gets an theoretical printing press by allowing for each user to decide how much each of their karma actions are worth, note that what is considered karma action and said action awarded will be public info, but up to each user to decide
step 2) merchants and 3rd parties are allowed to accept or reject points from the user-group for services/goods as well as participate in scenario 1
Step 3) by doing so we create an "social safety net", (oh no )I gotta work in the sweatshop or the loan-shark will break my legs) remove time-value storage of goods (oh no I got to get as much stuff as I can cause I'm not sure when I might need it), increase efficiency of work allocation and workers (ie oh no I hate this job but I need the money so Imma just do it really badly), as well as this being able to be free from all nation state controls (currency controls, central banks, large FIN institutions) and also remove the debt conundrum with debt-based capitalistic societies, (more debt then there is money to repay, exponential growth of debt over time = more people in debt to those who have capital)

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