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Looking for no-nonsense mail forwarding service in Germany


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ClevverMail.com (Berlin) who advertise all over Google AdWords would be the obvious choice; they are very affordable (they have an - almost - free plan), but I don't like the fact they made the mailing address public on their site. Now everyone knows it's a mail forwarding address; it's not professional in my view: Borsigstr. 9 10115 Berlin


You should never publish your mailing address on your site, if you are a mail forwarding business; as Pay As You Go Post (London) don't do it:


Q: What kind of address will I be given?

A: A real UK street address (not a PO Box). The address is of our prestigious offices based in Central London (EC1). The full address will be released to you when you sign-up (we do this to prevent unauthorised use). Example of address formats:

For Business use:
"Your Business Name"
Office/Suite/Unit XX
67-68 Street Name


For Personal use:
"Your Name"
Flat/Apartment XX
67-68 Street Name


maildrop24 (Stuttgart) aslo has a no-nonsense policy:


Q: Can I open a bank account using your address?
A: Yes, of course, you can use your mailing address like any other. During the therm you can use it for example for:

-Business card
-Letter paper
-Lottery cards
-Marketing documents
-Imprint website
-Bank accounts

….and much more


Unfortunately they are not smart enough not to publish their address on their site as well: Libanonstrasse 85 70186 Stuttgart. Did I mention they are $$$? EUR240 a year for a street address. sure, they make a profit.


I don't know, Germans don't know how to operate a mail forwarding business? (Sorry about that) Hey German mail forwarding businesses: DO NOT PUT YOUR ADDRESS ON THE SITE. Any other viable options?

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