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Talkether.org: Open beta release of Ethereum's first mining pool with decentralized mining process


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Talkether.org: Open beta release of Ethereum's first mining pool with decentralized mining process


tl;dr: Talkether.org is Ethereum's first pool with a decentralized mining process. It helps to secure the Ethereum network by decentralizing it again. Miners of talkether.org will most likely have higher mining rewards (up to 20%) compared to other pools due to higher mining efficiency. Feel free to join the talkether.org pool. Further info: talkether.org


After an extensive alpha test the talkether.org team is proud to announce that Ethereum's first mining pool with decentralised mining process -talkether.org - opens registration for the whole Ethereum community.


During the alpha test, miners experienced up to 20% higher rewards compared to the pools they used before. This is because there are no mining time losses for getting the work from the pool since each miner of the talkether.org pool gets the work from its local node.


A small java application adjusts the difficulty. The ethminer instance tries to find a solution for this in difficulty reduced work. Once it finds a solution, this solution is sent to the Java application which forwards this solution to the local node and to the share server. On the talkether.org share server the solution is validated and saved. The pool rewards each block and uncle found. Each miner is paid according to its share calculated by the common and fair PPLNS scheme.


On top of that this pool design means that the mining process is decentralized. With the current network hashpower distribution (top 3 pools over 50%) the risk of a 51% attack for example is a real threat to the whole Ethereum network. Therefore, Talkether.org gives the community the possibility to challenge these threats by decentralizing the mining process again.


Furthermore, the talkether.org pool has a built-in failover. Since miners set their user id in the extradata of each block even in the improbable case of a server downtime each miner of a block (identified by the extradata in the block) will get full block reward.


You would like to join the pool in order to increase your mining rewards and decentralize the network again? The registration and set-up process is very easy. Further information can be found here (in English, Russian and Chinese):



Please note that the talkether.org pool is still in beta phase. We will add further pool and user statistics, monitoring functions on server side and cool monitoring and managing features on client side as well. During beta phase the pool fee is 0%. Throughout the beta phase you are encouraged to update regularly your talkether client.


For further infomation check out talkether.org, especially the FAQ section: talkether.org/faq


Let's start to decentralize the Ethereum network again :)


Cheers! Philipp


talkether.org - lets mine together

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The website has a new look and we have added some cool user statistics and worker monitoring too.
Check it out: www.talkether.org

The pool hashrate has increased to 11.5GH, tendency still rising. That means that payouts should have low variance and steady.
Payouts are done 2 times per day with a minimum payout of 1ETH. Fee is still 0%

In the talkether client version 0.0.14 we did some minor eth client support bugfixes.

We would be happy to see you on the pool, give it a try and check out if you like most users get higher payouts compared to other pools too.

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As some of you have realised that there is an delay of processing the payout rounds #63 to #70. My partner and me has just come back from a sports event/tournement in which we participated since Thursday. Because we had very limited internet connection during that time we realised just a few hours ago that the payouts from payday #63 to #70 sent out by the payout node weren't included in the Ethereum blockchain.

The causing problem was that the node running the payouts lost all peers. This kind of problem can be caused by time out of sync. And indeed , after a time sync it has found peers again and is now at the current block height again. The missing payouts should processed within the next 2 hours.

We know that this must not happen and feel very sorry for the inconvenience caused. Therefore we will put extra efforts in improving our notification system that payout delays won't happen again.

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As the current hash distribution stands today mining on Ethereum is heavily centralsied. The top 2 pools own over 50% hashpower (dwarfcoin ~37%, coinotron ~17%). POW with Ethash was meant to be the mechanism to distribute Ether with an overall fine Gini index before the transition to POS. But with the current hash distribution it needs only two entities to collude or to bribe in order running a successful 51% attack on the network.
IMHO, it is necessary to decentralize mining again in order to build a solid foundation for the transition to POS.

What are the options?

Running a full node:

Some advantages of running a full node:
* No latency means no lost mining time in order to get the new work. This leads to 5-10% (with bad ping to pools up 10-20%) higher efficiency.
* Running a full node helps securing the network.
* No server downtimes.
* No fees.

* Variance!

Our advice:

Join talkether.org mining pool. Talkether.org is the only mining pool with a decentralized mining process. Talkether.org combines all positives aspects of running a full node (no latency, helps securing the network) with an reduced variance of a pool and has currently 0% pool fees.

All miners, please help securing the network and spread your mining power. Give Ethereum the well founded basis for the transition to POS.

Ether to the moon.
Over and out.

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