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RAKEBACK (of your paid houseedge)

level   rakeback    required wager

1        15 %           0 btc
2        20 %          10 btc
3        25 %          100 btc
4        30 %          1000 btc
For example:
In case you wagerd 500 btc, we will give you 2.5 btc back (rakeback level 3), Independent from Profit you made from betting !
We will pay you, even if you made Profit from betting !  :)
BUT only bets of 1 btc or lower are counted for your rakeback.
  •  win up to 9900 times your bet
  •  Bitcoin dice
  •  pick your own odds of winning
  •  lively on-site chat room
  •  provably fair
  •  keyboard shortcuts for quicker, easier Play
  •  automated betting
  •  fast rolls depending on your connection and betsize from 0.00001 without delay (I got ~  5 bets per second while testing)​

Hope to see you soon at http://www.yolodice.ga  :)

Edited by yolo
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