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PAYEER® Bitcoin Exchange, MasterCard Platinum, e-Wallet, Merchant


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PAYEER® MasterCard Platinum, e-Wallet, Merchant, Bitcoin Exchange.

Welcome to PAYEER, your convenient,secure and easy way to make and receive payments across the world.


1. Payeer® e-Wallet

You can send money all over the world (223 countries) just for 0.95% fee, or receive money from millions of PAYEER users for 0%.


2. Payeer® Merchant

Connect your site to Payeer and start accept payments right now!*

* - Users can add funds to e-Wallet by  VISA, MasterCard, Wire, Sepa, Bitcoin, Okpay, Paxum, Qiwi, BTC-e.


3. Payeer® MasterCard Platinum

You can order your Platinum MasterCard now!

0% ATM fee, 0% POS fee.

This card works in 200+ countries


4. Payeer® MasterCard Platinum for Business

You can order from 1 to 1.000.000 cards for your business with your logo and design!


5. Payeer® Mass Payments

Mass payments to VISA, MasterCard, Wire, Sepa, Payeer.


I'm ready to answer any questions about the Payeer.

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Does the MasterCard need a full kyc verification, do you have limits, and is the 0%-atm-fee really on every atm?

Non verified Payeer MasterCard have a limits. Maximum amount without verificiation is 2500$ (1500$ in ATM or 2500$ in POS). ATM fees is 1.99$ per transaction and 3.50 $ per transaction with currency convertation. You will see this fees in your card statement.

You can found details here.

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