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Rückkauf und Verbrennung von BTSR hat stattgefunden!


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Rückkauf und Verbrennung von 14.063,97 BTSR hat stattgefunden! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!






Initially it is meant for 25% of following four curencies BTS, BTC, USD and ETH. As there was no sell orders on the USD and BTC markets, I decided for this first time to put these two parts on the BTS market an executed then on BTS twice as well as on ETH market.



Source(s) of revenue BTSR buyback May 2nd 2016                                                  


80% of revenue achieved from BitTeaser network after initially 30%have been reserved         1.252 USD



Profit distribution BitTeaser

BTS of 75% of Bitteaser assigned profits (1.252 USD)  939,00 USD                                                           227.634 BTS              

ETH of 25% of BitTeaser assigned proits ( 1.252 USD)  313                                                                             31,68 ETH




Total amount of BTSR available for buyback according to above calculations 303.512






Danke an alle Halter von BTSR für Ihre Unterstützung!  Insgesamt  -  258 Halter





*** A product/content manager has been hired last week to add extra focus on BitTeaser and its many offerings now and in future,


***On top of this a marketing team of so far 5 people have joined the CCEDK workers team in the past 2 weeks.


***The Real Time Bidding platform is being implemented and added on top of the BitTeaser network and expected up and running within the next two months.


***In coming week the Bloggers Club 500 will have its own website and automatic way of assiting in creating traffic not only supporting OBITS, but in a much bigger effect also BTSR and any otehr future ecosystems added to the BTS 2.0 platform OpenLedger, and ofcourse allowing constant mentioning of OpenLedger whereever these bloggers are located in the world o far at least represented in 121 countries as I know of with Japan as the biggest and a great representative on how you make value and earn for a living in the same time spreading the word of the important things in life!


***It will be clear in coming months that we will have added both backend developers and C++ skilled devs as well in our constant pursuit to add overall value to the rising star OpenLedger and its ecosystems like OBITS, BTSR, Cadastrals and many more to come.


There will be much more to enjoy in future, as I believe this is only the early beginning of a token which will in time prove to be one of the most significant ones available, unlike any other.


_______________________________________________________________________________ _______









Buyback von BTSR in BTS Markt https://bitshares.openledger.info/#/market/BTSR_BTS




Buyback von BTSR in ETH Markt: https://bitshares.openledger.info/#/market/BTSR_OPEN.ETH





Verbrennung von BTSR und Reduzierung der gesamten Versorgung






Conglomerate OpenLedger with its OBITS / BTSR blockchain powered, people driven smart network Ad tech 2 0 emerging



Neue BTSR Video wurde zu OpenLedger Conglomerate Youtube Channel hinzugefügt.



Ich hoffe, dass Sie sich Zeit nehmen das Video anzuschauen. Veröffentlichen Sie das Video und besprechen das mit anderen!


BitTeaser -  The Blockchain Powered Smart Network  - Ad Tech 2.0



klicken Sie auf folgenden Link um Video anzuschauen!



In the year 2015, over 170 BILLION US dollars was spent worldwide on online advertising. In 2018, it’s projected to be at least 252 BILLION. With all those profits waiting to be made, everyone is looking to crack the code and get their piece of the pie.


Investment into advertising isn’t slowing down any time soon.


It used to be very complicated and difficult to invest in online ads, and most profits went straight to big corporations.



Now, thanks to a group of futuretech innovators out of Denmark, those days are over.


BitTeaser is a fast-growing network that uses advanced technology to become the next evolutionary step in advertising.  


Wir sind stolz Ihnen das neue Promo-Video"OpenLedger - You are in Control" vorzustellen.

Hier anschauen:


klicken Sie auf folgenden Link um Video anzuschauen!




Wenn Sie noch kein Konto haben, machen Sie das jetzt! Hier ist "Get Started" Video (Tutorial #1).

Das Video ist für Anfänger, die mit OpenLedger nur beginnen zu arbeiten.



klicken Sie auf folgenden Link um Video anzuschauen!



Unlike ordinary exchanges on Openledger you are able to clearly follow the amounts kept in cold/hot wallet of the platform under https://bitshares.openledger.info/#/account/openledger-wallet/overview


One major trading pair on platform to consider is the BTC/BTS: https://bitshares.openledger.info/#/market/BTS_OPEN.BTC




Here's our new tutorial video that shows how you can fund your OpenLeder account with Bitcoin. Noch ein Lernvideo, wie man OpenLeder Konto mit Bitcoin auffüllen kann.



klicken Sie auf folgenden Link um Video anzuschauen!



Decentralized “FinTech Exchange” OpenLedger Launches Today



Bitcoin, The Blockchain And The Future Of 'Decentralized' Conglomerates



Why Decentralized Conglomerates Will Scale Better than Bitcoin – Interview with OpenLedger CEO





All the best


Ronny Boesing


CCEDK / OpenLedger / CoinsBank


Public Profile Linkedin: https://dk.linkedin.com/in/ronny-boesing-65b61720


BTSR website: https://btsr.io

BitTeaser website: https://www.bitteaser.com/

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Manchmal haben Sie die Fragen, wie und wo BTSR zu kaufen, oder wo kann ich die Statistik finden, usw. Wo können Sie diese Fragen stellen?

Wir sind hier und warten auf Ihre Frage! https://btsr.io/  Jivosite - live chat und ständige Kundeünterstützung!

Auch finden Sie uns in Openledger Board:https://bitsharestalk.org/index.php/board,98.0.html


Bald werden FAQ auf unsere Seite veröffentlicht! 

Don't forget, popular pair for BTSR are
BTS: https://bitshares.openledger.info/#/market/BTSR_BTS
BTC: https://bitshares.openledger.info/#/market/BTSR_OPEN.BTC
ETH: https://bitshares.openledger.info/#/mar ... R_OPEN.ETH
and new
DOGE: https://bitshares.openledger.info/#/mar ... _OPEN.DOGE
DGD: https://bitshares.openledger.info/#/mar ... R_OPEN.DGD

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Welcome to BTSR!


BTSR has been created as a token hosted on OpenLedger, a decentralised financial platform – in fact, the de facto BitShares 2.0platform, run withCCEDK as both the host and the registrar.


BTSR is a digital token distributed to users willing to help support and maintain BitTeaser, a decentralised advertising network.


BitTeaser is a fast-growing advertising network that operates in a similar way to Google Adwords and based on delivering ‘teaser’ ads. Revenue is generated based on services providing advertising space for websites, companies and products. It aims to become the first such initiative to be built on blockchain technology.


Ownership of BTSR allows you to make money short term participating in a monthly buyback option based on income from BitTeaser activities, as well as the possibility of realising additional income from trading the BTSR token on supporting exchanges. Long term, you are able to see your investment grow based on supply and demand, as well as having the tokens burned from every buyback thus reducing overall supply available, allowing a natural increase of value per unit.


BTSR has been created as a follow-up to the successful launch of the OBITS project which was introduced in November 2015 (see OBITS.io).


The issuer of the BTSR token is CCEDK ApS, the only bitcoin and crypto exchange in Denmark.




Public launch of BTSR


On March 11th 2016 we launch to the public a crowdsale of the token BTSR. Crowdsale is expected to run until the day of first scheduled day of buyback May 2nd.2016


Price will increase scalable with 3-5% 2 times every 2-3 days up until launch date.[pre][/pre]


Primary BTSR Split of total supply of 53 million BTSR:


•          10% of BTSR will be reserved for the future Board of Directors (BoD) and will be issued separately for every agreement of minimum 2%.


•          20% (10 600 000) of BTSR are issued and made available to the public via crowd sale and presale period.


•          30% of total amount is reserved for the BitTeaser team members (developers, managers, designers).


•          40% of total is reserved as performance based rewards.


•          IMPORTANT note: Only 70% of BitTeaser profits will be used for the monthly buyback. All amounts bought back will be immediately burned, and remaining supply will then consequently be reduced.


Profit distribution from advertising platform BitTeaser (70% of generated profits):


•          80% of designated revenues will be used for buyback of BTSR tokens


•          20% of designated revenues will be added to OBITS revenues paid out either as sharedrop or as buyback. New revenue stream to OBITS token


•          10% from crowdsale and presale will be added to OBITS revenue stream adding value to OBITS for future sharedrop and/or buyback.


Buyback Dates: First buyback: 1st May 2016 placing your sell orders, May 2nd day of buyback.


Subsequent buybacks will occur monthly


Want to know more? Please take your time and have a look at it all on the BTSR website.


Questions are always welcome on any of the chat functions on either CCEDK,OpenLedger, BitTeaser or OBITS and will be soon also on BTSR website itself.


RESULTS OF BUYBACK & Burning of BTSR: https://btsr.io/news/buyback-2-may-2016


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The next BTSR buyback will be on June 2 

Let's recall first buyback details! 
You can still buy it here: http://btsr.io/#action 
For the latest news and updates follow us: 
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/btsr.io/ 
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/btsr-bitteaser-/ 
Twitter https://twitter.com/btsr4

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