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Eating other people’s Bitcoins in a deadly game of wits? – It’s possible in Chopcoin.io



No signup required. Just jump in and start eating, grow in size by eating food, and try to eat other players. You can split to eat smaller players, though this makes you easier to eat as well. Watch out for bombs as they will pop you into many smaller pieces. However they can be useful for shooting at other players to pop them. Be the biggest at the end of the round and win!


There lots of fun to be had in the different rooms. A practice room for getting your feet wet. A faucet room to try to earn some risk free bitcoins. And a paid room with higher stakes where you risk your bitcoins against other players and the winner takes the biggest share of the pot. Feeling confident? Try your hand at the weekly tournament for your chance at a big score!


Chopcoins is also a good place to hang out and socialize. There's a forum and an in-game chatroom. You can even tip friends and exchange private messages.


Use ShapeShift to play Chopcoin with altcoins.



Opportunity! Skin sale!
0/10 sold
Get a custom skin at half the price of original for only 0.05 BTC

Contact me if you want to take part in this offer: support@chopcoin.io




You got interested into Chopcoin? Follow these links to read more...



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