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EvenBet Gaming bitcoin poker network offers to join


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EvenBet Gaming bitcoin poker network is probably the best way to make a profit from online gambling without any significant investments.


For whom it may be interesting?

Owners of poker rooms, online casino and those who just want to launch online gambling business.


What are the conditions to join?

The scheme of cooperation is simple and convenient. You invest minimum 1 bitcoin and get the right to become the part of the network. In a particular period of time, it is returned through the rake. When your business grows up, you will receive a real benefit.


What do you get?

Joining EvenBet Gaming bitcoin poker network, you get completely branded application with all features:

- All popular poker types (Holdem, Omaha, Stud, Chinese, etc.) and tournaments;

- Technical and multi-language support;

- User created tables;

- Frequent upgrades.


All the technical issues on the network are on us. Partner websites need just to promote themselves. We do not limit our partners' marketing activities: you are free to use any channels and activities. And the last but not the least: EvenBet Gaming bitcoin poker network partners do not need to obtain a gambling license or to set up an offshore company.


How much do partners of bitcoin network pay?

For using EvenBet Gaming poker software, our server and technical maintenance, partners of the network monthly pay a certain rake percentage.


Which sites are already on the network?

You may check our software and poker functional at our partners' websites:





Find more information on the website http://evenbetgaming.com/.

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