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Hey there!  We and the King are very pleased to announce the release of a realistic Bitcoin Dice casino. Our Top & Premium domain name, Innovative front end gameplay and fast responses define us! ...Just try it yourself!

How to play:

  • Lucky number can be from 0 to 99.
  • To play, choose a Roll Over/Under number from the range [1-98] and click Roll Dice!
  • The dices will start to roll and when they stop, they would have formed the Lucky Number! If its Green its a WIN!
  • If you want fast rolling, and you don't want to wait for the animation to stop, just click Roll Dice and you will see the Lucky Number on Top!

Gameplay Modes:

  • No Animation Mode: A mode when the dices don't roll instead they show immediately the Roll Number. (Toggle ON/OFF the button which is in the opposite side of Volume ON/OFF button.
  • Free Play Mode available, play without having to deposit! Once you freerolling, an Alert Bar shall show informing you about it.
  • Real Play Mode, deposit and play with as low as 100 satoshis.


  • Deposits are credited after 1 confirmations.
  • Withdrawals are sent out immediately. TX fee: 0.0002/kb


  • Affiliates commission is the standard 10% but contact us for better deals.
  • 2FA authentication for all our players. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU TO ENABLE IT.
  • Faucet to try the site with real money.


  • House edge as low as 1%.
  • Fully Provable Fair , just click on a Roll ID and click the Verify Button!. Let the JS do the rest
  • Fully functional on all mobiles & iPads & Screens
  • Playful Sounds! Don't forget to enable them!
  • AUTO betting feature. You can place bets automatically, and change animation modes on the fly!
  • Chatbox with PM/TIP Feature available! (beta stage).
  • HotKeys: H->Roll High, L->Roll Under, [sPACE] -> Roll Dice, X-> Halve amount, C-> Double Amount.

Invest in Bankroll :

  • Real time Investments/Divestments.
  • Investors keep 50% of profits.
  • Commission taken every Monday at 00:01 CET and is never charged twice on same profits.
  • Password prompt upon Divest, for security purposes.
  • Max profit is determined on 1% of the total bankroll.
  • Investors are in Top priority in terms of Support/Issues and Feature Requests.
  • Investors Funds are kept in a public Cold Storage address, which will be soon announced in this thread.
  • Investment Transaction History  actions can be seen under "Bankroll Transactions" on Transaction History.
  • Investments/Divestments are fully working on any device giving easy access and total control.


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