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The BitandPay project is the first in the world, whose goal is to 
integrate cryptocurrencies in the real world and in business processes.
Ireland is an ideal platform for the integration of crypto-currencies into 
small enterprises. The aim of the project is to make the use of 
cryptocurrencies and especially their use in daily transactions more 
popular. BitandPay aims to unite a large number of enterprises and 
provide them with apps for smartphones, debit cards for users, as well 
as merchant solutions intended for traders. Ireland is a participant of 
safe and reliable exchange process.
Ireland is the ideal state to become a pioneer in the field of technology 
based on the principle of blockchain.
The development of the payment system will be financed by the 
market valuation of the currency.
BitandPay services will be provided on the principles of open API and 
the application of proven innovations and services in the payment and 
data processing industry.
BitandPay also supports EIP205, also known as the standardized
contract API.
Compatibility with EIP20 ensures that integration with exchanges and 
other services will not be more difficult than for any other token based 
on Ethereum.
Upon reaching the third level of our plan, BitandPay will be able to offer 
a wider range of services. Upon obtaining the license of the Electronic 
Money Institution (EMI) we will be able to issue electronic money -
which we could not do with a limited license of the payment institution.

1ETH=472,5 BNP( 35% bonus)




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