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  1. https://gigapound.com Gigapound is a network,cryptocurrency and banking system to grow your money and easily transfer credits between users without any limits What are advantages of Gigapound ? Gigapound has variable methods to make money as : -Credits increase 10% every year -You can buy 1 Gigapound (1000)credits and take 10% bonus or 2 Gigapound and take 15% bonus or 3 Gigapound with 20% bonus or 4 Gigapounds with 25% bonus so it is a second way to increase your money -The price of Gigapound never decreases so there is no risk of losing money -The price is increasing according to demand so it increases when demand increases -Gigapound banks is unofficial organizations that you can invest in it on your responsibility and increase your money What determines Gigapound's price? The price is determined by demand so if demand increases ,the price increases Is Gigapound risky? There is no risk with investment in Gigapound as the price of Gigapound not decreases according to our terms. we seek to make a stable currency where we can transfer easily without any fear of losing it's value . How to gain gigapound without having money? You can acquire Gigapound by referer system.You will have 8% of every transaction between user and referer profile.firstly,you need to have an account then you will be gived an code after contact with referer admin in the below link.every user will be asked about his code before transaction https://gigapound.com/join/profile/gpre How to buy and sell Credits? You can buy and sell small amounts from Forums and groups in network or buy large amount with bonus from dashboard What is Gigapound banks? -Gigapound banks are unofficial organizations where you can invest in it and increase your money with 10% to 50% according to each bank terms .but keep in your mind that this investment is in your responsibility and any problems you may meet is between you and that bank how to invest in banks ? - Simply send to them some credits and they recieve all transactions and should resend it to you with your earnings (10%-50%)after a year (or time they put in their profile) How to make a Gigapound bank? Firstly you should have and account with at least 50 Gigapounds (50000 credits) then contact admin with your organization inforamation at this link https://gigapound.com/join/contact
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