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  1. The company Rich Sun Corporation is a scam, the company is giving promotion to other smaller companies that supposedly sell trading systems and are dedicated to that area. But in reality they are companies that have been denounced repeatedly for their scams, such is the case of btcmt4, a company that offers nonexistent benefits, requests the deposit of the money and after obtaining the large quantity that they request, the system stops work and they stop responding, they disappear. Rich Sun Corporation is a company that when with a misleading directive, the company has been used to promote and offer benefits of fraudulent companies such as btcmt4 and cryptomt4, with the intention of stealing money from those interested in investing in trading systems. It happened to me, I was scammed with crytomt4 Did someone else have the same thing?
  2. What I found from that is: "BTC Friend, is a mutual financial aid system that your n is to establish a system aimed at creating a community of people who voluntarily help each other throughout the world through the new world economy of the cryptocurrency thus achieving a benefit without borders and outside of any traditional nancial mechanism. BTC Friend is not a Multilevel, it is not an investment company. BTC Friend is a non-profit community and belongs 100% to the participants, therefore there is no leader's logo or negotiations of models or Ponzi scheme based on the scam and damages of the community. BTC Friend works 100% virtual what allows a communication with people without political borders. The system is designed so that the aids are 100% distributed among the people of the community, thus facilitating the benefits and aid to each participant. " But I honestly do not trust this.
  3. To be honest is the first time I read negative information from: Kraken, are almost always another type of problems presented but I can not remove the fact that many can happen that with different website dedicated to the system. Anyway, exposing will not help you, you tell your experience, publish what you can without committing yourself.
  4. Hello! I am also a new member, it is a pleasure to meet you.
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