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Trade GHS and Futures on BitFury chips


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CEX is the first commodity exchange website, which allows trading of bitcoin mining facilities or GHS (GigaHash per second) Trading.


Before CEX, in order to mine BTC, users had to solve and overcome the following problems:


Collect information on the available mining hardware, and their peculiarities

Wait up to 6 months for the hardware to be shipped

Read a ton of guides and tutorials in order to assemble and connect the hardware to the pool

Ensure proper power supply and hardware cooling

Suffer from hardware breakage and power loss



CEX is based on a brand new business scheme, where all mining hardware is installed in a data-center, and are safely stored and properly maintained. Users can buy/sell mining facilities in a matter of seconds, and receive additional income from mining, or from trading with other users.


All GHS purchased at CEX become sole property of the owner without any time constraints or other limitations, until sold to other users. All users are able to sell their GHS at any time for the appropriate market price. The GHS keep mining BTC even when the GHS are being sold, up until they are transferred to the new owner’s account.


CEX gives it’s users the following benefits:


All GHS start mining right after purchase

Collective mining, where the chance of getting a reward gets bigger proportionally to the overall pool capacity.

Mining hardware is kept safe and maintained properly in our data-center

No cooling or space-related problems

No power or network connection losses

0% pool fee

Block reward includes transaction fees

Minimum fee for electricity, hosting and maintenance, starting from November 1st. The approximate fee amount is $0.001 per GHS / hour.

Hardware failure or downtime is automatically compensated with high precision.

Powerful Trader API, which allows users to implement CEX features on their websites, apps, etc.

Helpful and friendly support staff, able to solve all mining related issues

A vast community of miners ready to provide useful advice on almost any topic.



All hardware is already set up and ready for mining with the most optimal settings.


Trading GHS is as easy as trading currency pairs.


CEX works with a private mining pool GHash.IO. It supplies the commodity exchange with GHS from authorised partners, who secure a constant maintenance of GHS. GHash.IO uses the PPLNS payout system, where rewards are distributed among shares in a window, starting with the last share submitted and going backwards up to some number N of shares.


CEX offers a convenient “Redeem Hardware” option, where users can redeem mining hardware equivalent to their GHS balance, and get it delivered to a specified location.


CEX provides an attractive referral program, where users can receive bonus GHS for referring active traders to the commodity exchange. The system adds 3% of referred user’s GHS balance to the bonus GHS balance for mining purposes only.


CEX has already accumulated:


40 TH/s (will be expanded up to 400 TH/s)

6k+ commodity exchange users

1000 BTC traded daily

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