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[Pre-ICO]ZAZA - Business Platform & B2B Network powered by Blockchain!


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ZAZA is a decentralized Business platform and B2B network powered by Blockchain technology, developed with the purpose to help companies improve their business activity and create trustworthy connections.

The platform will provide the following core functionalities


ZAZA platform’s Deal Generator is a highly innovative solution for an incumbent market. It allows deals to be organically created in the shape of inquiries and allows users to view them in real-time, giving the inquirer immediate feedback and offers.

The Trading Platform gives businesses a place to promote a wide range of products and services, without any charge and start receiving offers. The offers are completed using Smart Contracts, giving both parties peace of mind about the quality of said services/products and the huge benefit of transparent transactions.

As a B2B network, companies and organizations will be able to connect at a worldwide level, transcending physical boundaries. The need to search for partners and connections in a time consuming manner is over.



Nowadays is so much easier to establish a company, but more and more difficult to develop the business and succeed in the market. 
Companies put in lots of effort and spend huge amounts of resources for market penetration, even though most of them fail within the 1st year. 

We aim to solve many issues that the current Marketplace is facing such as:

➢    Difficulties in getting new deals and clients
➢    The high cost of advertising
➢    Lack of transparency of companies and products
➢    Lack of secure and reliable transactions 
➢    Lack of B2B network
➢    High fees charges by the marketplaces
➢    High fees for payment processing


ZAZA has a solution which will eliminate the problems of Companies through the Business Platform, B2B Social Network, and Blockchain technology. 
ZAZA will help businesses expand their customer database and improve their profitability. The market potential is enormous and ZAZA's early adopters can benefit immensely by backing up the platform in the token generation event. 
Being decentralized platform ,we are expecting to acquire 3 mln business users in 36 months.  Additionally, the platform will welcome millions of individual consumers.


Our mission is to provide a global business platform where companies are able to improve their business activity, achieve their business goals and create worldwide partnerships.

No barriers, no limits, 1 platform to unite them all!

Zaza aims to:

Create a massive market and great eco-system for the circulation of Zaza Tokens
Help companies drive their business into success 
Become an essential tool for daily operations in any business
Reduce advertising and transaction costs
Become powerful B2B social network and connect all types of enterprises around the world.



Token Name:ZAZA 
Total Supply1,000,000,000 
Available for sale 53%
Price: 0,07 $

Payment through: BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH 
Minimum purchase:500 ZAZA

Hard Cap:30,000,000 $
Unsold Tokens:Destroyed



PR & Marketing :  70%
Administrative & General : 15 %
Product Support : 15 %


ZAZA is a utility token offering various functionalities. These functionalities form the ZAZA Ecosystem which is divided into five main domains.


Selling/Buying Goods & Services
Users can buy and sell goods and services through the ZAZA platform. They can pay with ZAZA tokens and accept them as payment.

Paid Services of the Platform
All the paid services on the platform are to be paid in ZAZA tokens. 

Rewards from Deal Generator
ZAZA rewards the users that generate deals.

Rewards for Business & Social Activity
Businesses and individuals get rewarded for being active on the platform and performing activities.

Crypto Cash-back  System
ZAZA intends to implement a crypto cash-back system, where all users will be rewarded with ZAZA tokens every time they make a purchase through the system.



* Transparency

* Business history

* Committed deals

* Profile updates

* Reliable reviews

* Actual reputation in the market

* Trustworthy B2B connections

* Secured deals

* Fast

* Low cost

* Transparency of transactions

* Transparency of the products and services


WEBSITE: www.zaza-world.io


TOKEN PRE-SALE : 5th June - 25th June,2018

TOKEN SALE : 1st August - 30th September,2018

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