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The best alternative way to gain BTC


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The best alternative way to gain BTC

AlterMine is a new and unique way to get BTC, but unlike traditional mining where you invest in a computer, at AlterMine you invest in your power (1BTC = 1Power), you invest in a real business. Your income improves with each level of your Power. So, we all have a good incentive to Power-Up every day. BTC spent on Powering Up goes to the total pot (Daily Volume), and at the end of each day, every user, including you, receives a part of Daily Volume. Your Daily Income is equal to the ratio of your power and the power of the sum capacity of all the users from the system (Total Power).

To summarize: every day users make Power-Ups spending BTC on it. These BTC go to the Daily Volume. Every day, all users receive part of the Daily Volume which is equal to the ratio of their power and Total Power.

2% of daily volume receives AlterMine.

Why people choose us?

Uniqueness. AlterMine does not have analogues, giving you the best platform to make BTC online.

Large profits! 98% of the investments are distributed to our members every day.

Passive income every day. You get a part of the Daily Volume that is equal to the ratio of your power and the Total Power.

There are no restrictions on the size of the deposit. You can invest as low as 0.001 btc, that would make sure that the system works.

Complete anonymity and security. We will never ask you who you are.


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