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CoinSpend.info Directory of Local Stores Accepting Cryptocurrencies


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Hello bitcoin Community, we have created a Web Application named Coinspend, and it is located at http://coinspend.info . Coinspend is an online directory strictly for physical stores that accepts crypto currencies. This will enable anyone to locate physical stores in order to spend their bitcoins easy and fast. Its free, you can create an account and enlist your store.



  • Responsive design using bootstrap
  • Multi Currencies, Now support BTC and LTC
  • Navigate on the map
  • Search with filters, for example you can search coffee shops located at Amsterdam
  • Enlist your store, you can create an account and list your store for free.
  • Report a listing, for example the owner says that accepts btc but he doesn’t at all, you can report it and we will disable the listing.
  • Latest stores widget, which shows the latest 4, enlists



Please support us to make a directory with high quality listings that will help the cryptocurrencies community to grow stronger, and lets wish that this project will be obsolete in some months? Years? Where all stores will accept Crypto Currencies!


Looking forward for your feedback.

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