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DOGE windfall, unsure about tax situation


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Hello folks,

I've recently sold my DOGE that I mined about 7 years ago, back when DOGE was just starting up. Just to clarify, I didn't live in DE back when I mined these coins, nor did they have any 'real' value, nor was my mining costing me anything than leaving my desktop computer on overnight. I've left these coins alone, and didn't touch them until a few days ago, when DOGE went up to 8 cents a piece.

I'd like to dot my I's and cross my T's, so that the Steueramt doesn't have the chance to kick me in the butt. So far, I found some info on how cryptocoins are taxed if they are bought with fiat currency, or if someone operates a commercial mining operations, however, I wasn't able to find that much info about coins that were worthless at the time of mining and gained value over time (or suddenly, in my case).

My trade was like the following: sell of the majority of my DOGE for BTC, and on the following day, I sold my BTC for USDT, since it had a local maximum, and I don't care much for crypto trading and wanted to cash out. I know that I don't likely have to pay tax for the DOGE to BTC trade, but I'm unsure about the BTC to USDT trade. We're talking about a ~15k EUR outcome here, so it's not like I cashed in millions upon millions of dollars (I wish!).

Has anyone been in a similar situation before? Do I have to pay taxes on anything in this case, if I can prove that the coins have been in my ownership for 7 years?

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