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Beste Prices for Mining Hardware in Europe

Bitcoin Miners

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We are Trusted Company Registered in Slovenia.

We are specialzed for selling Mining Hardware for SHA-256 and Scrypt Coins.

You can check our products on website:


Our SHA-256 Products:

-A1 1000GH/s Bitcoin miner
-Ant 2 1000GH/s Bitcoin miner
-Avalon3 820GH/s Bitcoin miner
-Avalon 3 290GH/s Bitcoin miner
-Ant 200GH/s Bitcoin miner

Our Scrypt Products:

-A2 60MH/s Litecoin miner - Pre-order!!16 Mai will be on market.
-Gridseed G-blade 5.5MH/s Litecoin miner
-Gridseed USB 10+1 3.5MH/s Litecoin miner

If you are interested in buy some of our product please contact us her, on our website, Skype, cellphone....


Admin of Bitcoin Miners

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Hello minerpool.de

Thank you for your nice comment.


You should read about what scam is before you call some website Scam website. On Wiki they have good article about scam, maybe you can learn something from that.


Yes im Photographer and im proud that i Build website alone. Im not like you who need to pay 1000$ to someone to build him website like yours bitcoin.minerpool.de.

Maybe if you will get more donations on pool you can pay even more and someone will build you better looking website.


If you such expert in building websites you should know that i made my website in Wordperss not in Microsoft Frontpage 2000. That show me you have only big mounth to destroy other people business, because you jelous if somone will earn more then you with your pool.

But anyway you have right to have your opinion. If you think im scammer is what you think, not what other costumers think who are buying my products.

If you have any more question please just ask, maybe i can cive you some good advice.

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