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Lost FTM transfer from Kraken to Ledger Wallet

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Hello Community,

my neighbour recently sent a batch of FTM tokens from Kraken to his ledger wallet. From what I can see, he sent it to an ETH address but on the Fantom network. The tokens have not arrived in his wallet. The wallet address is visible on the blockchain explorer and the transaction seems to have been successful. Here the address he sent the coins to:


A few strange things:

- I replicated his "mistake" by sending a few FTM from my exchange of choice to my ledger ETH address on the ftm network. They arrived fine in my wallet.

- we have coupled his ledger up to MM wallet. when asked which address to import, the address shown above where he sent the FTM is NOT listed. Importing his standard ETH address and then activating the FTM network in MM does not make the tokens visible. https://ftmscan.com/address/0xe77c60aA03F0cdA035cD16fe3892B38ABAB42d6B

- we have done a fresh install of Ledger live, installed an FTM account using the FTM app in the experimental section of the library. 

- You can see on etherscan, he sent FTM to his Eth wallet address in the past as an ERC-20 token and they arrived fine.


So far, we have not been able to access the coins.

Any tips would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance



PS: Note to scammers. Thanks in advance for your offer of help, but you wont get any passwords, keys or seedphrases so save yourself the time ;o) 

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