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The first honest Ponzi Cloud Service. PonziCloud.org

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I'm glad to present you PonziCloud.org the different [btc] cloud mining service.
We all know good Cointerra Cloud, KnC Cloud, LTCgear and etc Ponzi cloud services. Same shit different name, at least we are honest we are Ponzi Site   ;)
We will offer you a better deal, we will double your daily bitcoin mining income.
We will take exactly 5% for our services. 
Frequently asked questions
What is PonziCloud.org?
PonziCloud.org is a bitcoin cloud mining provider. 
How PonziCloud.org work ?
Extremely simple. Just buy how many PonziShares (PZS) you want and add your Bitcoin Payout address on the checkout page. That's it. You will receive daily payments directly to your address based on your PZS. 
1 PZS = 1GH/s 
At what time payouts starts ?
Our daily payouts starts at (00.01 GMT+2).
You will double my mining income right ? If i mine 0.01BTC/day with CEX.IO, with your service i will receive 0.02/BTC/day ?
Yes. We will double your daily bitcoin mining income. If you choose our service you will receive exactly your normal daily income x2. 
That's good but how you will double my income ?
As you maybe already see we're Ponzi site...so your income will come from our new investors. 
Is there any rounds or reset ?
What % the OP take for the service? Is there any other fees ?
We will take exactly 5% from our new investors. There are no other fees. 
How can i pay for my order ?
At this moment we can only offer Bitcoin Payment. When you're ready with your order you will be redirected to Coinbase.com and you will have 10 minutes to make the payment for your order, after exacyly 10 minutes your order will be automatically canceled. In a few days we will add Litecoin and DarkCoin support. Expect our Scrypt and x11 program soon.
Is PonziCloud.org a scam ?
NO. You can track our daily payouts on the blockchain. We will not  runaway with your coins. 5% commision is enough for us. 
Can i sell my PonziShares?
Yes you can. Just email us with your order number and the new payout Bitcoin address. We will redirect your payments your new address.
I forgot to add my Bitcoin Payout Address? What can i do?
Emails us with your order number and your Bitcoin Address we will add the address to your order.
I'm not happy with your Cloud Serive, can i want a refund?
Yes you can, email us for details.
10 PonziShares (10GH/s) 0.15$/PZS
50 PonziShares (50GH/s) 0.13$/PZS
100 PonziShares (100GH/s) 0.12$/PZS
500 PonziShares (500GH/s) 0.10$/PZS
1000 PonziShares (1000GH/s) 0.09$/PZS
2000 PonziShares (2000GH/s) 0.07$/PZS
5000 PonziShare (5000GH/s) 0.06$/PZS
10 000 PonziShares (10 000GH/s) 0.05$/PZS
If you have any other questions please CONTACT US - contact@ponzicloud.org
PonziCloud.org wish you happy mining.   ;)
NEXT PAYOUT - 16.01.2015 (00.01 GMT+2)
For the start of our Bitcoin Cloud services PonziCloud.org will give you #10 discount for all orders for the next 2 days.
-10 %DISCOUNT CODE - #startponzicloud
For any questions - contact@ponzicloud.org 
We all know LTCgear and other "cloud" services. At least we are honest. We will not trying to lie you.
Only a few hours left before our 33% discount on all products ends.
Just give it a try. 
discount code - #johndoit33%


January 15, 2015 JP Buntinx
Ponzi schemes are still running rampant through the world of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Despite the massive losses by “investors” when CryptoDouble shut down, people still keep investing their Bitcoin into other ponzi schemes in the hopes of making a profit while the program is relatively new. As a result, we also see new “types” of ponzi schemes appear, such as PonziCloud.
Needless to say, ponzi scheme operators are adapting to the current situation involving Bitcoin and cloud mining. With several companies forced to pause their cloud mining operations, as well as several ASIC manufacturers going bankrupt or even disappearing altogether, Bitcoin mining is not in a good state right now. 
It was only a matter of time until we saw the first Bitcoin cloud mining ponzi scheme. Ponzicloud is offering just that, but there is a twist. Because of the people investing in this ponzi, and trust me, there will be plenty of them, Ponzicloud can pay users twice their normal Bitcoin cloud mining earnings. Whereas you would earn 0.01 Bitcoin per day from a regular service, PonziCloud will pay out 0.02 Bitcoin per day. 
Unlike most ponzi schemes, Ponzicloud does not use rounds or countdowns before issuing payments to their investors (should these take place at all). Payouts will occur each and every day, starting at 00:01 GMT+2. By the looks of it, this ponzi scheme might run for quite some time before going tits up like all ponzi’s do eventually.
In order to partake in Ponzicloud’s offerings, investors will need to purchase so called “Ponzishares”, where 1 PZS represents 1GH/s of Bitcoin cloud mining power. Depending on how many Ponzishares you buy, the price per share will vary between US$0.05 and US$0.015. The maximum amount of PZS to purchase in one “order” is 10.000, worth 10 TH/s of Bitcoin mining power. 
At this point in time, it is not clear where this Bitcoin cloud mining hashpower is coming from. Furthermore, the Ponzicloud operators takes a modest fee of “ONLY 10%” for all of their hard work. Invest in these programs at your own risk, even though everyone knows they should never invest anything in ponzi schemes to begin with. 
A Ponzi Company which Calls Itself a “Ponzi” Company


We don’t know what the creators of ‘PonziCloud’ were thinking at the time of branding, but the newly launched cloud mining company is surely making a name among the social media circuits – at least for being honest.
According to the information available on their website, PonziCloud seems to be offering some of the most mouth-watering features in the Bitcoin cloud mining sector, in times when the leading Bitcoin mining operations are taking a late-Christmas break. The company guarantees to pay its customers 0.02 BTC per day, almost double what the other cloud mining companies offer. All customers have to do before parking themselves on PonziCloud is buy so called PonziShares. The more you buy them, the better hashing power you get (up to 10,000GH/s).
One of these products is actually reporting to be sold out.
Needless to say, cryptocurrency mining businesses are in their worst phase at this point in time. Earlier, many companies have been complained to authorities over fraud and breach-of-contract, while even the cloud mining operations are not holding a good reputation. The recent Bitcoin crash has further deepened problems of the entire Bitcoin mining sector. A reputable company even called out to shut its operations until the coin’s value hit $320. The launch of PonziCloud seems well-timed, but lacks good morale for obvious reasons.
Meanwhile, it is up to you – the customers – whether the new company could be trusted or not. Until now, there is no clue that points to the place where PonziCloud is getting its hash power from. Investing in these programs is not a good choice, until you are really good at pulling out these stunts.
Edited by info@ponzicloud.org
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