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Stellar Lumens - 100 XML Forum Giveaway


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Hi together!


Stellar Lumens is skyrocketing at the moment. Get started with some XLM from https://www.mystellar.org/


More Information about the Stellar Project: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1428573.0


What you have to do:

1. Register on www.mystellar.org


2. Change your avatar to a unique picture


3. Post in 3 different Threads


4. Post in this thread with your stellar address: https://www.mystellar.org/thread-49-page-30.html


5. Have fun with your first 100 XLM



If you want to thank me for this information feel free to share some XLM with me ;) GAYRG4QENLAGBBCN34TXZIPMFLLGPRWFNSABQSAS3GN7L57MMY6MR3JE

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