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DSPlus - Mobile app, PLUS DS exists for little more than a year and it already became a strong player in the field of lead-generation mobile marketing and. It encourages people to purchase goods and services sellers from those, who are willing to show loyalty to their customers.
We call those sellers who use our DS PLUS system our partners. At the moment we have 1496 partners and 8027 sales points in Russia and those parts of Europe, where our system is available. These numbers grow daily. Among our partners are successful regional businesses, such as Russian “Абсолют-гипермаркет” network and large international retailers, как “X5 Retail Group”, “Макдональдс” или “KFC”.
We communicate directly with the decision-making people of our partner companies, thus bringing our partnerships to really high levels. But like most of businesses IT, our company depends on people and their interest in our product.

Our current user base of 90 000 active users что achieved built without агрессивный маркетинг, just listening by us to partner's and user's feedback and constantly improving our product.
Every day our users make transactions with our partners. On average, the number of users grows by daily 250. By making a purchase from our partners, our users get a discount and unique bonus points, that they could exchange for various gadgets and other goods during the prize draw. Soon, these bonus points will become a backed cryptocurrency, and our partners and users will be using the same infrastructure.

PLUSCOIN - This is a crypto currency using in the mobile application DS PLUS as a reward for the transactions conducted (покупки, скидки, участия в акциях, visits to special counterparts). Currently there are 2 ways to spend PLUSCOIN. First: Buy the goods in our online store. The second: to take part in the drawing by paying PlusCoin for the ticket (the more tickets, the more chance of winning)

We bring to our partners independent, blockchain-based cashback assessment instrument. But how exactly современный cashback programs look like? Today, there exist several services at the e-commerce market that feature the cashback программы. Its subscribers can частично погасить funds they spent buying from major online retailers, but the process is complicated and the actual transaction is typically delayed for 2 months. Besides, one has to share the funds with the cashback-arranging сервисом.
In the world offline, the cashback is the domain banks of payment systems. Typically, the cashback value would amount to 1-2% of the cost of the purchase. Sure, there are some bank's partners who would give up to 15% in cashback, but otherwise, these offers are far from good or apply only to the first purchase.

Our mission - is to get people involved in cryptocurrency/blockchain usage by enabling an instant cryptocurrency cashback for our users when they buy from our partners. To really get going the system, we will develop additional Ethereum blockchain-based services to facilitate the usefulness and liquidity of our cryptocurrency to our partners and users. This will provide the services infrastructural platform for further development of the whole mobile marketing industry.
50% of funds raised at the PlusCoin initial chain offering (ICO) would be spent in the coin-маркетинг. This will ensure stable growth of partner and user base, that would, in turn, result in a gradual increase of token's value and demand.
The PlusCoin team's first goal is to ensure the adoption of the PlusCoin cryptocurrency маркер, to increase the number of partners accepting the PlusCoin as a payment for goods and services. The team will work hard to promote the token in new geographical regions and increase the number of partners in the regions that already use DS PLUS.

Business model and Finance

Today, the basic service DS PLUS offers is motivating users to make purchases from partners by providing users various loyalty bonuses (скидки, promo campaigns и т. д.). When First PlusCoin Token will hit the market, the partner would be able to motivate the user to buy from them by offering the transfer of PlusCoin to the user's account. At the moment, PlusCoin is accrued by DS PLUS as bonus points that are lacking backing (though the user is able to exchange them for a chance to win a gadget or a car in a lottery). For now, the users hold 16 000 000 PlusCoin.

In the future, partner relationship would look like this:
The partner top ups his PlusCoin account by buying the cryptocurrency on his account page. He pays the EPPC (Exchange Price PlusCoin) for the tokens. EPPC is defined momentarily, from a current trading price of PlusCoin popular on exchanges. Next, the partner specifies a fixed amount of USD or PlusCoin or a fraction of the purchase price that he is willing to offer as a cashback to his client. The total amount of PlusCoin that would be accrued to a client's account is calculated by the formula:
Cashback=(A • x)/(EPPC • USD_Price)
where A is the purchase price, 0?x<1 cashback is the rate (a fraction of the price), USD and price is the current price of the fiat currency used for the purchase в долларах США. The transfer of PlusCoin could also be triggered by special events, such as the user's visit to the partner's sales point (in the current version of DS PLUS this Kind of events is registered with the use of GPS и iBeacon data).

An important feature of DS PLUS is the segmentation of partners into 3 different classes:

“Cold” партнера– a partner that is not ready to control the PlusCoin transfer by himself. For this class of partners, the transfer is controlled by DS PLUS or any other lead generation service that uses PlusCoin.

Class 2 партнера– a partner that is ready to move on to the new system and control the transfer of PlusCoin to clients on his own but is not ready to accept PlusCoin as a payment for his goods or services.

1 Класс-партнеров– a partner that is ready to move on to the new system and control the transfer of PlusCoin to the clients on his own and is ready to accept PlusCoin as a payment for his goods/services

Class 1 партнера accept the PlusCoin payments for their goods/services using the formula:
Price_in_PlusCoin= N•EPPC•Fiat_price,
where 0<N?2 is the boost factor that could be used to incentivize partners and/or users to use PlusCoin. Each class of products and services gets its own recommended boost factor.

For example, if the fiat price of the product is $100 and EPPC = $0.02, the market price of the product is 5000 PlusCoin. If the Class 1 партнер specifies a boost factor of N=1.6, then he sells the product to the customer for 8000 PlusCoin, which is equivalent to $160 at the moment of the deal, thus getting 60% в added value. In the case of Class 2 партнера this 60% added value will be granted to the exchange which backs the transaction with fiat currency, to promote the usage of the coin.

Distribution and initial rate

1 First PlusCoin = 3300 PlusCoin

ICO 1st
First PlusCoin token = 10.0 $
10 сентября - 29 сентября

ICO 2й
First PlusCoin token = 11.5 $
29 сентября, 2017 - 19 October, 2017

ICO 3rd
First PlusCoin token = 13.0 $
19 October, 2017 - 10 ноября, 2017

ICO 4й
First PlusCoin token = 14.5 $
10 ноября, 2017 - 31 декабря 2017

Join ICO
Bounty Program

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vor 1 Minute schrieb PlusCoin:

The winter is coming,
but the #PlusCoin New Year`s Eve sale of goods for #PLC coins is coming sooner
November 24th #CryptoBlackFriday

Friday is the best day for the New Year`s Eve shopping
Buy gifts for your family and friends
November 24th

It`s pleasant to buy goods, but buying gifts for you family is much more pleasant
Only on the 24th of November the #CryptoBlackFriday from the #PlusCoin project
Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and many other goods from different brands
#Buy #GivePresents for #PLC


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PlusCoin P2P platform


Trading platforms are a convenient and practical way to shop all around the world. Saving time and money is one of the most important components influencing the choice of modern man. Nowadays, each of us can take advantage of this kind of platform and make a purchase from anywhere in the world.

People often face the problem of paying for their orders, assuming that this order was made from one country to another. Currency conversion is sometimes very unprofitable or inconvenient for buyers, so they prefer to make orders either within their own country or on major international sites like AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, etc. Therefore, some suppliers lose their potential buyers and buyers do not receive the product they desire. We’ll call it problem №1.

Its solution is obvious: to give customers and sellers a service with a single payment currency. Generally accepted standards for working with fiat currencies (USD, EUR, RUB, CNY, etc.) cannot be applied because the currency conversion problem will not be solved. But why can’t we use cryptocurrency for these purposes? It is safe, anonymous, and fast, transfers are made at lowest costs, and moreover, a digital currency does not need to be converted for the seller and the buyer (of course, except for the cases when they need to exchange it for a fiat currency).

But this does not end there. I now propose that we consider a few more reasons for abandoning the standards of classical eCommers platforms and a few more reasons to support innovations in this market segment.

Problem №2 is the process of pricing, specifically the increase in purchase costs because of commissions of intermediary banks, which process payments.

Problem №3 might be more aptly described as “Fake reviews”. Even on top international eCommers platforms, especially there, we often come across fabricated reviews on a product and a seller or our feedback is deleted because it is not optimistic and does not embellishes dream opportunities of this purchase. Drived up ratings, not real reviews.

Inability to automate a plenty of processes, loss of money and user data in case of hacker attacks and so on. We can continue describing all the problems for a very long time. But I would prefer to turn to a relatively detailed analysis of what DS Plus (PlusCoin) prepares. And I think that you will agree with me.

The PlusCoin development team implements all the functions of a unified marketplace based on Blockchain and some more features into the DS PLUS (PlusCoin) P2P platform. the most significant difference from the examples I mentioned above is that due to the use of a private blockchain, all operations will be committed without commissions and the speed of transactions will be several times faster than common transfers in BTC or ETH. Sellers and buyers will not face the problems of currency conversions, commissions of intermediary banks, changes in the entered transactions data, etc. Buyers will be able to see true reviews and sellers will be able to stand out from the list of competitors, earning confirmed positive ratings.

A private blockchain is integrated into the platform work. The fact all the information about transactions passes a stage of data recording in peculiar private data ledger is its difference from the standard common network. This process will allow to exclude the network load and to minimize commisions to zero, it will provide a higher speed of operations with PlusCoin (AppPLCN). 
 AppPLCN is a unique digital payments unit based on private blockchain (PlusCoin) and P2P platform, respectively. In future it will be fully integrated into the work of DS PLUS mobile app. AppPLCN cannot be purchased at exchanges, this coin will only exist in the project infrastructure, on all the platforms related to PlusCoin private blockchain. 
 If you are already a project member and possess PLCN you may ask the right question: Where and how can I use PLCN if only AppPLCN can be used on the platform? The answer to this question is very simple. PLCN is an ERC-20 Token created in Ethereum Network, so it can only be transmitted in the common Ethereum net. PLCN can be traded at exchanges, it can be purchased or sold, sent to another wallet or just kept, altogether anything can be done with it through common Ethereum Network. 
 Putting PLCN on deposit through the personal account is sufficient for using PLCN on P2P platform and receiving AppPLCN by the rate 1 to 1. Generally, PLCN is the same AppPLCN, but it can be traded in the global Ethereum Network. Once depositing P2P is done and AppPLCN tokens are received it is possible to commit purchases. Everything is simple! 
 If you’ve sold a good, received AppPLCN and want to use them in the global Ethereum Network, that is sufficient to commit withdraw through a couple of clicks in the personal account. 
 Speed, anonymity, trust, safety and technological effectiveness are the main principals in the work of the P2P platform will be released in the closest time.

Official site: https://pluscoin.io/


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The Ethereum network is overloaded

From June 29, 2018 to this very day, the Ethereum network is loaded so that GAS required for committing 1 transaction through the network has reached has reached the cost of 1 USD. The Fcoin GPM company is accused of causing it. However, not only due to their actions, the network has been practically closed for ERC-20 tokens transactions, many projects (frogs, shrimps, cats …) use the Ethereum Blockchain for useless operation confirmations in the common network, thereby make the network go through a really tough time.

On the one hand, this is a challenge for the Ethereum developers. Scaling is an acute problem which has already been solved, however, as we can see, there is still room for improvement.

On the other hand, there is a way out that DS PLUS (PlusCoin) uses: private Blockchain. It does not load the common Ethereum network and can ensure that all data about committed transactions are posted in the Blockchain. Yes, it is much more complicated than using a ready-to-use shared public network. But the action of cats, shrimps, frogs, etc. are irresponsible, because their developers were well aware of how much data would appear in the network confirmations and how it will affect all other operations.

Therefore, now the issue of PLC- PLCN exchange has become acute. A few days transactions appear in the network, for a long time they stay in the “Pending” status and disappear, due to the impossibility of confirmation on the part of the Ethereum Blockchain. 
We hope that in the nearest future the situation will be resolved and ERC-20 coins movement will be commited in the standard mode.

Official site: https://pluscoin.io

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July 10, 2018 the technical department has made improvements to the pluscoin.io site.:white_check_mark:
These improvements concerned the design of the PLC-PLCN exchange instruction and the ERC-20 PLCN tokens smart contract address. Also there are buttons White Paper, White Paper Additions and Support in the first block of the site.
:pencil2: The White Paper hasn’t been changed yet, but in the nearest future, we will change the design of this document.
:pencil2: The additions to the White Paper are a new document that briefly describes all the changes that the project has undergone lately; they are presented at the following link: https://pluscoin.io/whitepaper/WP-Additions-eng.pdf.
:pencil2: The "Support" button is a convenient way to ask the DS Plus team any question.

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