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Biete 2x Terrahash Preorder von je einem 4,5GH Miner Preis VB 750€


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Ich verkaufe aus Geldmangel meine 2 noch nicht gelieferten aber vollständig bezahlten Miner.


Diese sind von Terrahash und sollten bald geliefert werden. Eigentlich war der August der Liefertermin aber auf Grund der Lieferschwierigkeiten von den Avalon Chips hat es sich verzögert.


Order: #975

Product Quantity Price

4.5 GH/sec Modular Board (Klondike 16)

Assembly Only: No (TerraHash will provide the Avalon chips) 2 $ 500.00

Cart Subtotal: $ 500.00

Shipping: $ 25.00 via International Shipping

Order Total: $ 525.00

Customer details

Email: steffen.hammernick@t-online.de


This board is based on the Klondike 16 design and has 16 Avalon chips. The board does not come with any power supply. However, the board comes with a heatsink and I2C jumper cables.




Size: 10cm x 10cm

Number of chips: 16

PCI Express power connector

USB mini type B connector

I2C board-to-board, daisy chain connector

USB microcontroller with bootloader for firmware upgrades.

The board can be connected to a computer, or a RaspPi board running cgminer through a USB. You can daisy chain multiple boards and run them from one host.


Comes with software for Windows/Mac/Linux (runs with cgminer).


This board uses the Klondike design. More information: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=190731.0


Terms and Conditions: Shipping dates depend upon when we receive the chips from you. Once we have your chips, we will ship your order within 2 weeks.

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