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After 3 years with MXC


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I was a believer in this project from, thankfully I just spent on two m2pro miners.

Many warned me but it was good, just plug&play and nothing to worry about.

I should have seen the scheme but I was in denial. The catch for them was to get you hooked and never withdraw whatever you earn. Because once you do that then your mining rate will drop and you never want that. Welcome to fuel tank scam.

Then they wanted to modernize that after many started to pull out. Niw its even worse that before bit basics are the same.

Boost your mining rate by having up to 1000% the size of your fuel tank, however you need two different tokens to do so (sensors and xmxc)

Still the same scheme with fuel tank that you cannot withdraw without loosing your mining boost.

what is worse now, you need to pay fees now everyday to claim whatever you mined last 24h.

Hmmm, thqt was fine at the beginning when fees were around 20-30 mxc if you lucky. But that was not enough for MXC team, so they did something and now you cannot claim without paying minimum 400mxc as fees (400 if you are lucky as normally its 800 to 1500 mxc). They just keep saying we are working on that.

its been over a month now and we could not claim.

If you try to ask an honest question in their social channels you get mouthed out by bunch of their MODs or simply banned. They want to keep the channels nice and shiny so new victims won’t run away.

If you send a request to unregister the miner so you can sell it then you just get ignored.

its even worse with NEU as that mine almost 25% what m2pro dies with same claim fees.


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