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[IDS Option Xmas Event] - Winner’s Crown


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[iDS Option Xmas Event] - Winner’s Crown - Because 1 is never enough, let us add it up!
Every winner deserve their crown.
To recognize winner’s afford on their business, IDS Option decided to top it up.
Any traders on IDS Option now get an extra 20% of daily profit and loss for free.
For example, if your earning at the end of the day is +1BTC,
the extra bonus you get is (1x0.2) 0.2BTC.
You only need 10 trading counts for withdrawal.
As long as you win, no ranking, no complicated application,
everyone can join and benefit from it.
This is an ongoing event until further notice.
Start trading and get your crown!

Event Rules

1.    Daily extra bonus is 20%.

2.    No ranking is involved.

3.    Every IDS Option trader automatically enrolled into this event.

4.    Extras release on next day at 1:40:00UTC.

5.    First bonus release on 18th December, 2015 at 1:40:00 UTC.

6.    You can withdraw when you have 10 trading counts.

7.    Start : 17th December, 2015

8.    This is an ongoing event until further notice.


Become an IDS Trader Now >> https://idsoption.com

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